Learning Profile of BPS

This year the British Primary Section celebrates the launch of our very own Learner Profile. The Learner Profile is a set of attributes co-constructed by students, staff, and community at the heart of the British Primary Section. Our Learner Profile is a way of communicating to students, parents, and the wider world, the characteristics we believe contribute to becoming a life-long learner. Children will learn to apply these characteristics in different situations in school learning, day to day life, and in their future. A person’s attitude, behaviour, ability to cope, adapt, strategise, connect and behave in ways that are respected worldwide, are essential tools for a successful future. It is with this in mind our Learner Profile becomes the link between all school learning and your child’s future.

You may have come across the key characteristics within your parent handbook and home link diary. The characteristics convey our students are:

Thinkers – Our students think creatively, critically and analytically. They are inquisitive about learning and the world around them. They solve problems, apply strategies, and adapt to new situations.

  • Adventurers – Our students are confident, resilient and committed. They take risks to experience new opportunities in learning and in life. They are resourceful and face challenges with optimism and an open mind.
  • Communicators – Our students are articulate and effective communicators. They can select and use multiple modalities of communication to express, justify and reason their learning.
  • Global Citizens – Our students are globally aware international citizens. They act responsibly in the world, and make considered decisions about sustainability and environmental impact. They are protectors of the future for those that follow.
  • Healthy – Our students have healthy minds and healthy bodies. They are socially and emotionally intelligent. They understand their body, mind and brain needs care and stimulation in order to grow.
  • Future Focused – Our students are aware of their future and take an active role in shaping its design. They are responsible citizens and are able to set goals, plan, and implement actions for the benefit of themselves and others.
  • The TES values of respect, responsibility, perseverance, participation, and creativity are an integral part of our BPS Learner Profile. Accompanying these values, empathy and integrity will also be emphasized. Our learners have:
  • Empathy – Our students are empathetic towards people, creatures and situations. They show kindness and care without hesitation. They seek fairness and equality for our community.
  • Integrity –  Our students are honest and have high moral principles. They have a unique sense of self and are proud of who they are, what they know, and what they believe in.

The BPS Learner Profile is an exciting development in our traditional focus on the unique child. Children, staff, and our parent community will become very familiar with the characteristics, their meaning, and the images that represent them within our school as the year progresses. We are committed to the exciting journey ahead as the Learner Profile evolves, small steps together can make a huge difference and this is just the beginning!

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