Geography Fieldwork with Year 9

This term in Geography the students have been studying plate tectonics and have investigated the different benefits that living in an area with volcanic activity can bring. One of these benefits is an increase in tourism and as a result more jobs and money for the local population which also links closely to the work done at the end of Year 8. Beitou is an example of an area that attracts tourists thanks to the different features, such as the fumaroles and thermal valley, and the presence of numerous hot springs and related facilities.  On a wet Tuesday the whole year group braved the conditions to collect data and information linked to tourist numbers and facilities as well as the impact this has on the environment and how the local authorities have tried to manage this. Despite the poor conditions they were able to gather the necessary data and (when the rain stopped) enjoyed being out, interacting with members of the public and seeing some of the fantastic volcanic features on our doorstep.

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