H1 and Year 1 Halloween hats

Mathematics is not just something to be studied in the classroom. It impacts our lives everyday and here at TES we believe that exploring real life Mathematics is just as important as meeting concepts in class that will later be examined.

In H1 this term this has taken the form of the Halloween hats project. Students  made a conical hat to the design and specification supplied by a  Year 1 student . The H1 students spent time calculating the required arc length and radius for the hat and thus  a bespoke hat was created for each member of Year 1. Decorations and embellishments were added to really personalise the hats ready for their presentation to the Year 1 students.

On Tuesday the 31st October the majority of our H1 students visited the primary campus to finally present the hats to the Year 1 students. It was the first time that H1 and Year 1 had been working together so no-one knew quite what to expect. The H1 students waited nervously with the name of their Year 1 student on a whiteboard whilst the teachers waited nervously hoping that we had got the numbers and names right and all Year 1 students would indeed have a hat. 92 Year 1 students were looking for their name and hat; great excitement ensued and eventually all students found their hats. After introductions were made the new buddies participated in activities together including toilet-paper mummies and scary spiderweb craft.

All too soon it was time for lunches and the H1 students returned to their coaches very happy that their Maths skills and enthusiasm had made such a great Halloween for the Year 1 students. The reception students are apparently already looking forward to their turn next year when they are in Year 1.

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