A Time Capsule Packed with Memories

To celebrate the official establishment of the TES alumni community, the alumni office has initiated a new tradition – the Class of 2017 will be the first to leave a long-lasting mark on campus through the Time Capsule Project.

The time capsule has been created so that graduates have a chance to preserve the milestone moments from their high school life, to communicate with their future selves, and to have a great reason to revisit the campus when it comes time to reopen the capsule.

Preparations began a month before graduation at the Secondary Campus, with many students contributing, creating a real sense of excitement and anticipation. Our graduates put in objects such as medals from sports competitions, transcripts, group photos, letters of prediction, artwork, diaries, money and concert tickets, to name just a few. The memorabilia represents not only nostalgic sentiments, but also the unique culture shaped by each graduating class.

Unlike common practice, our first time capsule will not be buried under the ground, rather it will be preserved at the new Secondary Campus and opened in 15 years’ time.

Our Yangmingshan campus will be one of the most innovative and comprehensive secondary school facilities in the region and, although the Class of 2017 were not able to be at the spectacular campus as students, they are always welcome to revisit the campus as a member of the TES alumni community.

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