A Lifelong Connection to TES

Jyana Tata, Class of 2006

General Manager of Compass Ocean Logistics


One would usually indulge in school nostalgia as we move on in our lives, however in my life’s journey school has remained a part of my life. TES was not just a school to me, it was where I grew up, it’s my home, my family and most importantly where all my greatest memories remain.   

I started attending Taipei British School (TBS) from Year 4, in what is now the British Primary Section of TES. We only had one campus (the old Wenlin building) and many of you probably won’t remember it; I wasn’t there for long. By Year 6, the new building in Yangminshan (which is now the Secondary School Phase I building) was ready for us to move in. Back then, most of the surrounding area was empty, green land and across the street was a beautiful hill, where today stands the Phase II building.

I continued my studies all the way through until graduation and I watched the school grow from TBS into TES. A part of me never left school, as my brother Ahmad was still attending after I graduated. Even today (almost 11 years after graduating) my little sister Julia is in Year 7; I can also say that when I do have kids, no need to think twice about where to send them. Meaning I get to continue my never ending connection to the school.

Growing up, my friends changed very frequently, as is common in international schools. To this day, I can never relate to people who have lifelong best friends. Now that I’ve matured, I realised it’s not such a terrible thing after all! I may not have a best friend who knows absolutely everything about my life. But what I do have is countless friends from all backgrounds and cultures, which I find very rewarding. We don’t only gain our education from the classes in school, but the students around us are also a big part of our education. I recall being friends with most students in school regardless of age or year group. Because of this I developed social skills, confidence and the lack of fear for public speaking. Today, these factors play a major role in my career and I have TES to thank for making the school environment a safe and welcoming place, where we all felt like one big happy family.  

I’m currently living in Taipei, but I don’t spend much time here as I’m constantly travelling for business. I’m the general manager of an international logistics company and every day has been an enjoyable adventure for me. Being on the road can be exhausting, but I’m grateful for the experience, it’s also inspiring to get a chance to expand my knowledge and meet interesting personalities within the industry and its network.

With the opportunity to travel frequently, I can meet up with TES alumni and we get to travel down memory lane together. I hope to see many more of my friends across the globe on my journey.

To the class of 2006!

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