Finding Career Success

Fredrik Lee, Class of 2011

Co-founder of Collars Hospitality


The competition in the marketplace is sky high – how do we get ourselves ahead of the race? One of the biggest worries for teenagers today is their future and the career path they choose to undertake. Often, within such competitive environment, only the strongest will remain, while others are forced to seek out alternative arrangements.

My education really only started in my senior years at TES. The majority of my childhood was dedicated to my sporting career in Australia; knowing that playing in the Nationals would nurture me to become a professional one day. My sporting career came to an abrupt stop when I sustained a severe leg injury during my peak. Just like the ever-changing marketplace, nothing is ever certain. Thus, you will always find yourself adapting and seeking new opportunities in the business world.

In life, you may have plenty of choices and people to seek out for advice, but the ultimate hurdle you must overcome is your own self. We all have something in common and that is the fundamentals that our parents bestowed upon us. Studying at such a reputed educational institute will undoubtedly prove to be the development of your personal foundation. However, it is down to each individual to utilise their own credentials by executing a strategy to create a ‘unique selling point’ (USP) for others to notice.

To create such a USP, you must follow your own morals and passion. Your morals will pinpoint the direction you take and your passion will sustain your competitiveness. Hospitality is a passion that I have found – a quality that has been with me for quite some time now. Working within the industry generated much ambition to  have my own establishment one day, where I could recall the combination of positive aspects into my very own workplace. That is how the birth of ‘Collars Hospitality’ came about. Collars Hospitality is an innovative hospitality management company that promises to uphold its genuine Thai hospitality, because our team serves more than hospitality, we serve life experiences. Collars’ dream is to become an industry leader.

People often ask me “are you sure you are ready to start your own business now?” My reply will always be “If it is not now, then it is never.”  Having an entrepreneurial mindset may be too ambitious sometimes and I might not have the answer to that question. But what I do know is, I have the passion for hospitality, with the corporate goal of serving life experiences to our customers.

The greatest success is only viable through all the failures one has conceded. In a nutshell, that pretty much sums up my journey so far. Your knowledge can only get you so far, but with the right mentality, attitude, creativity and adaptability, you are only going to build confidence in yourself.

Good luck in your illustrious careers ahead. Just like any hospitality professional would say, be curious and have faith in your abilities to create a successful career.

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