Fond Memories of TES from Yale

Vernon Lin, Class of 2014

Studying in History (pre-law)

at Yale University


On certain days, it feels like TES was yesterday. On others, I still can’t believe that it’s only been four years since I, along with my fellow graduates of 2014, left Yangmingshan behind as alumni. As I have seen on visits back to the ESC over the last few years, much has changed. The football field is no longer there, the Phase 2 fourth floor study area has been furnished beyond recognition, and many of the teachers, and indeed most of the current students, are now strangers.

Yet, a strong sense of familiarity still pervades. IB Learner Profile posters still cling to the walls of every classroom and the TES Titan still hangs from the railings in the gym, introduced by the Student Council towards the end of my high school career. To me, however, the sustained bond with TES transcends mere physical cues.

As I approach the home stretch of my four years at Yale University and look to enter a postgraduate program in Law, I still find myself applying to my academic writing the Point, Evidence, Explanation analysis (fondly remembered as PEE), which my English teachers at TES strove to ingrain in me throughout Key Stage 3. As a Bachelor of Arts candidate in History, I frequently rely on the source analysis techniques provided to me by the training in IB Higher Level History. Beyond academics, I bring up my experiences attending international school halfway across the world as a common talking point with international students from all over the world, here in New Haven, Connecticut.

While it’s inaccurate and ridiculous to say that I never left TES, there is great truth in saying that TES never left me. My fellow Class of 2014 alumni and I will always see Taiwan as our home base – and TES was a defining feature of that home. Beyond meeting up with friends in Taiwan over summer and winter breaks, I look forward to maintaining the connections from TES beyond college graduation. I feel extremely fortunate to have attended TES, a school that fosters friendships from preschool through IB and a community that is international in every sense of the word.  


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