Register Now: TES Alumni Community Welcomes You!

We are happy to announce that we have officially launched our alumni service this year. Joining the alumni community is a fantastic way to maintain contact, build networks and discover new opportunities. All TES graduates are encouraged to register as a member of our alumni community to stay connected, no matter how much time has passed since you left the school.

The Alumni Office acts as the point of contact for alumni to get in touch with the school and aims to facilitate lifelong connections with graduates, faculty members, staff, parents and partners of TES through a network of events, services and communications.

Access for members to keep in touch, reminisce about their school days and create networking opportunities is provided through various events such as alumni reunions, university and career experience sharing and many other fun activities. We also offer support to set up your own reunions with schoolmates in your area. So register now to stay connected; invitations for social and career events are guaranteed for registered alumni members.

We are also recruiting ambassadors who will liaise with the Alumni Office to organise gatherings and alumni groups in different cities. Wherever you are in the world, you can always get connected with our community to share experiences and expertise. Interested in becoming an ambassador? Simply get in touch through for more information.

Every graduate is a member of our alumni community. Don’t worry if you have already left the school, it’s easy to get reconnected with us! All you need to do is submit the registration form online. Once confirmed, you will receive information on a wide range of news, event invites, and volunteer and networking opportunities. Join us now to get started.

For more details about the exclusive services and benefits for TES alumni membership, please visit the alumni section of our website. We look forward to following your success and hearing your stories!


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