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Mind Mapping Connections

H4 returned to class after the break and began their mock exams revision through collaborative mind mapping of the IB Business Management course. Working together to revise the course, they have visually demonstrated connections between concepts and theories to enhance their learning and understanding. John Tung – Individuals, Societies, and the Environment (ISE)  

Service Learning: English Teaching in Rural Schools

Through the Rotary Club our High School students have been fortunate enough to become involved in an initiative which involves teaching English to students in rural schools via Zoom. We have been paired with Quchi Elementary School which is between Xindien and Wuli. Before Christmas, a group of 22 H1 and H3 students went to Read more about Service Learning: English Teaching in Rural Schools[…]

Mathematics – A New Term Begins

Year 8 Maths  These students are in an intense Gimkit battle of Humans versus Zombies as they consolidate conversion of metric units.    H1 and H2 Maths In their first Maths class after the break, these high flyers are problem solving in House teams, competing for valuable House points. The Intermediate Mathematics Challenge is happening Read more about Mathematics – A New Term Begins[…]

IGCSE Drama: Jumping into Revision

Not all IGCSE revision is done at a desk, at least not in Drama class!  The H2 Drama class have begun their practical exploration of Helen Edmundson’s play, Mary Shelley.  Students will experiment with staging the extract in anticipation of May’s written exam. In these photos, we are staging the opening scene in which Mary Read more about IGCSE Drama: Jumping into Revision[…]

Taipei Write for Rights Event 

An annual global letter-writing campaign led by Amnesty International, Write for Rights invites individuals to raise awareness for those in the world whose basic human rights have been infringed upon and pressure oppressive governments and national leaders to protect and release these activists. This event has saved dozens of people who were wrongfully imprisoned. Some Read more about Taipei Write for Rights Event […]

Wellbeing During the Holidays 

Using the 5 Ways of Wellbeing Over the Festive Break to Build Positive Experiences As we break up for the winter holidays,  many families and students will be faced with very different arrangements to previous years. Some people will have had to cancel plans and their usual festive rituals will be impacted. This can be Read more about Wellbeing During the Holidays […]

Intermediate Mathematics Challenge

Students in Year 9 and H1 are currently preparing for the 2021 Intermediate Mathematics Challenge.  The problems in the Intermediate Mathematical Challenge are multiple choice and designed to be answered without the use of a calculator.  These novel questions are intended to make students think. Whilst the earlier questions on the paper are more accessible, Read more about Intermediate Mathematics Challenge[…]

Mathematics Classroom News 

Y8 Maths  Students from two classes worked together to review simplifying fractions, substituting into formulae and working with directed numbers by colouring Christmas themed worksheets. Following this first task, students play a “battleship” like game to earn money with holiday surprises. H1 Maths The early entry IGCSE students completed their mock examinations along with H2 Read more about Mathematics Classroom News […]

House Competitions: Term 1 Wrap Up 

Despite the various restrictions in and around the school, we have managed to complete a number of house events this term and the table of results makes for interesting reading, with the houses very close and all the play for in the New Year. The houses have competed against each other in a range of Read more about House Competitions: Term 1 Wrap Up […]

International Trade Negotiations 

H4 Economic students have just completed their studies on International Economics. Throughout the sections on Macroeconomics and International Economics each student has been gathering data on a different less economically developed country (LEDC). Each student compiled their portfolio of macroeconomic/international trade data onto a page in a shared class website. In Monday’s lesson, the students Read more about International Trade Negotiations […]