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Ms Papps’ End of Year Message To The Community 2020

To our students: Stand Up to Stand Out was our motto this year. We challenged ourselves to make a positive difference in our own lives, our school and our wider community. On that first day of school we thought about what our new motto would mean for us. We talked about how we would harness Read more about Ms Papps’ End of Year Message To The Community 2020[…]

End of Year Leavers Assembly 2020

During the last two lessons of the school year our Key Stage Three and High School students participated in our annual Leavers Assemblies. This year saw us farewell our departing teachers and students, launch the latest edition of the student magazine PEAK, view the graduation video made by our H4s, announce the House Points winners, Read more about End of Year Leavers Assembly 2020[…]

UKMT Junior Mathematical Challenge

The students in Years 7 and 8 who opted to take part in the UKMT Junior Mathematical Challenge took part in the competition today.  The problems on the Junior Mathematical Challenge are multiple choice and designed to be answered without the use of a calculator.  These novel questions are intended to make students think. Whilst Read more about UKMT Junior Mathematical Challenge[…]

Year 7 Science Egg Drop Challenge

Year 7 applied their knowledge of forces that they have learnt this term when designing parachutes as part of their Egg Drop challenge. The task was to safely transport an egg from top of atrium to ground level. There were varying levels of success in terms of the egg survival rate…but lots of fun and learning Read more about Year 7 Science Egg Drop Challenge[…]

Year 7 and 8 Mathematics Students Problem-Solve

Year 7 and 8 have been problem solving this week through designing of a hypothetical  farm to maximise their profit. Part of their remit required them to factor in several physical, economic and human constraints. They presented their work in pairs and the tables in the new classrooms in Phase 3 allowed for collaborative calculations.   Read more about Year 7 and 8 Mathematics Students Problem-Solve[…]

Geography Students Discuss Sustainable Development

Students in Geography have been making links between the different Sustainable Development Goals around the world. these tasks have been driven by concept mapping using the “whiteboard desks” that are equipped in all Phase 3 classrooms. Students have discussed the connections, future challenges, and opportunities facing our global population today. This knowledge is helping them in their Read more about Geography Students Discuss Sustainable Development[…]

How to Develop Your English Skills Over the Summer 

Do you want to polish up your English proficiency over the summer? There are numerous ways for you to improve your English outside of school. These tips surely do not include purchasing grammar exercise books, forcing yourself to read texts you dislike, and most definitely not memorizing 500 vocabulary words. You can still enjoy your Read more about How to Develop Your English Skills Over the Summer […]

Academic Awards Assembly 2020

On Thursday 18th June we held two Awards Assemblies to recognise the academic achievements of our students in Key Stage Three and High School. In two separate assemblies (one for Key Stage Three and one for High School) the top academic achievers for each year level in each subject were awarded certificates. We are proud Read more about Academic Awards Assembly 2020[…]

Reading Buddy Scavenger Hunt

This week saw the culmination of our Reading Buddy initiative with our inaugural Scavenger Hunt designed and organised by Hyejun (H3). This has been a collaborative project between the ASPIRE department and the Student Leadership team aiming to motivate and support students with their reading skills. Hyejun organised a team of H3 students to be Read more about Reading Buddy Scavenger Hunt[…]

Physical Theatre in Year 7 Drama

Year 7 Drama students have gone from strength to strength this year and during their final unit on Physical Theatre have really begun to experiment with shapes and movement. It is great to see them trusting each other. I hope they take their new found confidence into Year 8 and continue to create interesting theatre pieces.   Ms Wainwright Read more about Physical Theatre in Year 7 Drama[…]

TES Titans Badminton Tournament 

Over the last five  Wednesday lunchtimes the Key Stage Three Badminton players have been involved in some exciting matches amongst themselves. It’s been great to see so many students participating in the tournaments. A huge “thank you” to Miss Feng for organising and running the event. Below are the winners for badminton: Girls Singles: 1.Nina 2.Tanya Read more about TES Titans Badminton Tournament […]

Language Exchange for Year 8 French Students

As an objective of unit of work on leisure activities, our Year 8 students learnt to describe their hobbies and interests while discovering the trends within their own class and in France. Realising that physical activities remained the most popular type of hobby, the class decided to find out if this situation was also true Read more about Language Exchange for Year 8 French Students[…]