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News from the Mathematics Department

UKMT Junior Challenge The UKMT Junior Challenge is designed to make students think deeply about unusual mathematical problems. The questions are multiple choice and the use of a calculator is not allowed. Despite the change of date and disruption due to Covid-19, the UKMT Junior Challenge went ahead online. Although the contest is aimed at Read more about News from the Mathematics Department[…]

Confucius Living Museum – Celebrating Teacher’s Day!

On September 28th, our Year 7 Chinese Language students had a great time at the EPC with the Year 6 students. Year 7 students learned about the story and teaching philosophy of Confucius, then they designed some creative questions to ask Confucius for advice. Mr Bellamy, Mr Imbleau, Mr Engler, Mr Chaeter, Mr Stallwood, Mr Read more about Confucius Living Museum – Celebrating Teacher’s Day![…]

H4 – Perseverance and Spirituality 

On Character Day, H4 took part in a coffee shop style university reflection session looking at what strengths they need to employ as they take the final steps leading up university applications. They also persevered as they prepared the final touches to their Extended Essay. The students thoroughly enjoyed their yoga and mindfulness session with Read more about H4 – Perseverance and Spirituality […]

Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival 

The weather in Taipei is getting cooler and cooler and people are celebrating the coming of autumn!  The Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival is also called the Moon Festival and is celebrated on August 15th  according to the Lunar Calendar.  Our CFL students from Ms Wu and Mr Chen’s classes learned cultural knowledge about the Mid-Autumn festival Read more about Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival […]

Character Day 2020: Learn and Flourish

 “Because good character was so consistently and strongly linked to lasting happiness.” (Seligman 2002, p. 132) Character Day 2020 Learn and Flourish took place on Tuesday 6th October. Staff and students prepared a range of meaningful and engaging activities, celebrating our unique strengths in creative ways. Here are some reflections on the activities and learning. Read more about Character Day 2020: Learn and Flourish[…]

Year 7: Character Day, a very important day 

In this photograph, you can see that the Year 7s used their perspective, judgement and creativity to produce magic. Starting with small, simple tricks such as card levitation and disappearing coins, groups discussed and discovered how these tricks worked and brainstormed how to make them better. Using their teamwork skills, they then developed a grand trick.  Read more about Year 7: Character Day, a very important day […]

Hikers View their Virtues – Character Day Hike 2020

For Character Day this year, 49 High School students hiked to the highest point in Yangmingshan, My Qixing (1,120m above sea level). On a very blustery day, students drew on their Character Virtues to ascend to the summit, negotiate the steep descent past Xiaoyoukeng volcanic crater, meander by the scenic Juansi Waterfall, and finally complete Read more about Hikers View their Virtues – Character Day Hike 2020[…]

Options Matrix Decision-Making for H1 English

This week our H1 students used the Options Matrix Tool to help them refine their coursework titles as part of the requirements for the Cambridge IGCSE World Literature course. Students calculated the viability of various combinations of texts, characters, themes, and literary techniques by mapping them on a series of matrices. This term, students have Read more about Options Matrix Decision-Making for H1 English[…]

BSHS Arts Students Flourish 

The Taipei City Arts Competition is the most prestigious Art competition in Taipei, with students who place first, second or third then competing  in the National Arts Competition. We are very excited and proud to announce the following students who will represent both Taipei North District and TES on the National stage!  Jeannie (Year 8) Read more about BSHS Arts Students Flourish […]

British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei

On Tuesday, Steven Parker (CEO of the British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei) and Revital Shpangental (CEO of Anemone Ventures, and Chairperson of the BCCT’s Women in Business Committee) spoke to all H3 students to launch BSHS Individuals and Societies Week.   This year, we are focusing on the themes of responsible business and social Read more about British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei[…]

Chinese Language This Week

Students from IGCSE 0523 ( Chinese as a Second Language) were using their creativity and writing skills this week to create new advertisements for TES. Students undertook research and drafted the text to fit their designs perfectly. Y9 Chinese Idioms Posters Knowing how to use Chinese Idioms properly has been a highlight for our Chinese Language students. We Read more about Chinese Language This Week[…]

Travel Writing With Year 7 English & Google Projects

This week our Year 7 students have used Google Earth Projects to inspire their descriptive writing in their current Travel Writing Unit.  Via Google Earth Projects, students were sent on a worldwide scavenger hunt to find writing prompts related to specific cities and towns. Once they had found their locations, students watched videos to gain Read more about Travel Writing With Year 7 English & Google Projects[…]

Rolling with H3 Physicists!

H3 Physicists are into their 5th week of the demanding International Baccalaureate course and are currently studying motion. Using a combination of basic lab equipment and digital technology, students investigated the acceleration of a cart on an incline plane by varying the height of the ramp and using an ultrasonic sensor to track its motion. Read more about Rolling with H3 Physicists![…]

Scenario-based learning in H1 Mathematics

These students are in a scenario in which, without  their parents’ financial help, must think about how they would save for their post-secondary education. After learning about compound interest and researching costs of studies, creative and ambitious solutions were found including tutoring jobs, scholarships and grants, and a gap year to earn money. Year 8 Read more about Scenario-based learning in H1 Mathematics[…]