H4 Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS)

Congratulations to our H4 students who received a certificate for having outstanding Creativity, Activity and Service portfolios. These students have shown an ability to organise and reflect on a range of different activities that include involvement in sports, service in communities and creative pursuits. Thanks to the dedicated CAS Tutors left to right Mr Thin, Read more about H4 Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS)[…]

Lior Gets a Perfect Score!

Ms Papps congratulating Lior on her achievement. This week Lior in Year 7 was congratulated by Ms Papps and Mr. Bellamy on getting a perfect score for her Attitude to Learning across all subject areas. We are proud of Lior’s achievement, the positive attitude she brings to our school, and how she lives our school Read more about Lior Gets a Perfect Score![…]

STEM Week – with Mr Izzo and Ms Hsiao

STEM Week came to a close with a final talk by Mr Giuseppe Izzo and Ms Angela Hsiao. Mr Izzo introduced some of the latest technology in space exploration including Elon Musk’s famous SpaceX program and unbelievable plans to create commercial space flights: soon, we may be able to simply book a ticket to space, Read more about STEM Week – with Mr Izzo and Ms Hsiao[…]

STEM Week – with Ms Amber Gell

Last week was STEM week, wherein several STEM-related activities were held. For students it presented opportunities for a series of thought-provoking speakers. Among them was the engineer and scientist Ms Amber Gell. She was was truly inspirational as she gave insight into both the NASA Orion Project and life in the STEM world. Ms Gell Read more about STEM Week – with Ms Amber Gell[…]

Engaged Year 8 Engineers in STEM Week

During STEM week  Year 8 Science classes had the theme of “Journey to Mars” in which they had to become engineers and overcome the challenges of landing a rover on Mars. This was the difficult challenge of prototyping and testing both a powered Car ( the Mars Rover) and a Parachute (the Mars Lander) on Read more about Engaged Year 8 Engineers in STEM Week[…]

Stomping Good Time – Year 9 STEM Week

Last week was STEM Week and it was an amazing time for KS3 who participated in lots of great investigations based on space exploration. Year 9 were involved in producing STOMP ROCKETS and an ‘On Target’ investigation. All students were very involved in these activities and had great fun designing, making and testing their rockets Student Read more about Stomping Good Time – Year 9 STEM Week[…]

“Take Notice” of Values Day (Monday 16th April)

Values Day will take place on Monday April 16th with the theme of Take Notice. WELLBEING WALK The day will begin with a Take Notice “Wellbeing Walk” from Tianmu to the ESC. All school buses will drop students at the base of the Tianmu Trail on Section 7, Zhongshan North Road. We will ask that Read more about “Take Notice” of Values Day (Monday 16th April)[…]

The Highs and Lows of University Admissions Decisions

We’ve had a great week in the UCC office, with H4 students popping in to give us news of their university admissions decisions. There are some fabulous things happening, and we are excited to see where the class of 2018 will end up! Good news is sometimes accompanied by disappointment. In the same way that Read more about The Highs and Lows of University Admissions Decisions[…]

H4 Psychology Students Are Hopping Mad

As the H4s are heading towards study leave, lessons are often based on revision and examination practice. In order to break up the intensity and to help students maintain high level of cognitive engagement, the H4 Psychology students took time out to have a hopping competition against their teacher Mr Wright. As can been seen Read more about H4 Psychology Students Are Hopping Mad[…]

KS3 “Floss Off” House Dance Competition!

On the last day of Term 2 our bold KS3 students competed in a dance “Floss Off” Competition. This event not only marked the end of the academic term but also helped to celebrate the International Day of Happiness. In their Houses, the students choreographed, rehearsed and performed their “Floss” routine. The Phase 2 Atrium Read more about KS3 “Floss Off” House Dance Competition![…]

International Day of Happiness

What happened on the International Day of Happiness in the BSHS? The United Nations International Day of Happiness was acknowledge by the British Section High School. The day started with the bell being switched to the “Happy Days” theme tune, surprisingly some students recognised. There were activities during registration for students to experience that brought a Read more about International Day of Happiness[…]

Year 6 Parents’ Open Afternoon

On Tuesday 29th May we will be holding an ‘Information Afternoon’ for Year 6 parents to visit the Secondary campus, meet the Senior Leadership Team and key staff who will work with your child, tour the school and receive further information on the school experience in Year 7 and the curriculum. This opportunity allows you Read more about Year 6 Parents’ Open Afternoon[…]

Sports Awards 2018 -The Nominations

  Sports Awards Nominations 2017/18 so far and we still have season 4 for Middle School Basketball, HS Volleyball (Boys), HS Football (Girls), Middle School Athlete of the year and HS Athlete of the year nominations to come… MOST IMPROVED PLAYER NOMINATIONS Teams Coaches MIP No1 MIP No2 MIP No3 MIP No4 U12 Girls Volleyball Read more about Sports Awards 2018 -The Nominations[…]

FOBISIA Short Story Competition 2018

Taipei European School Secondary students took part in this year’s official FOBISIA Short Story Competition. To enter the competition, students were asked to compose an original piece of creative writing based on the theme of ‘Watch.’ Entries were to be under 1000 words and without any illustrations or identifying marks, thus allowing students’ words to Read more about FOBISIA Short Story Competition 2018[…]