Crazy Golf in Year 7 Art

Have you ever played?

Year 7s have been busy researching the architects Zaha Hadid and Antonio Gaudi in their latest project.

Students had a commission to design and make a building/structure which would be used for a Mini/Crazy Golf course. Students were given one A2 piece of card. They could create any style of building, as long as there was a hole for the ball to travel through (larger than 4cms). Looking at buildings in our immediate environment and by examining the style of Hadid and Gaudi, we considered how to design something creative and unusual. We learned about nets, design, aesthetics, team work and problem-solving.

Students worked independently or in groups to design and build their creations. The best part was when we tried them out; The sun was shining, it was the perfect day, and we were full of enthusiasm. 

Most buildings were successful in that they were aesthetically please and functional. We concluded the session by discussing improvements we might make.

Miss Nicola Bingham, Teacher of Art



From the Students:

‘We were asked to design a crazy golf course, so my design is a house with 2 levels. 1 is where the slope ends, the slope should deliver the ball down from the 2nd level. There are 2 courses on the second level, one contains obstacles like a pond.’

‘1 .problem – the hole wasn’t big enough – resolve – make the hole bigger.

  1. The slope collapsed during the try out – resolve – make it stronger with thicker card’.

‘I am happy with the way it looks, mine is different from the others. It was popular, everyone wanted to try it out. I think the bright colours make it look great’.

Vincent Huang, Yr7

‘Today we tested out our crazy golf houses in front of ph2. I found out that my building was very steady, this was good, it didn’t blow over in the wind. It wasn’t too easy for the ball to go through the hole. I made my base a little bit too high, so sometimes the ball would get stuck inside. I can fix this by making a small ramp’.

Peggy Wu, Yr7


‘Things I did well – I think the structure and the different materials have made the overall appearance look bright and eye catching. It will encourage the player to approach my building. They want to look closer. The smooth green material looks like grass, so it looks a like a real crazy golf course. We have spent time on this at home to finish it, we are happy with it.’

Charlene Lin, Yr7

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