Learning at the Zoo for Year 7

On Wednesday the 25th of April all of Year 7 visited the Taipei Zoo to support their learning about Biology, habitats and adaptations. Students were set various tasks that required them to draw on their previous knowledge, observe, research and work collaboratively.

Here is a summary from a Year 7 student on the day:

We have a strange world around us these days. A world where intellectually superior animals are confined to a fish bowl or a hamster cage. We humans, curious, proud, seeming invincible stare at these animals for our own knowledge and joy. Despite the irony and sadness zoos can bring us, we love observing our furry friends. Wednesday, April 25th was the day when Year 7 visited Taipei Zoo.

The vibrant and attractive surroundings at the zoo was a welcome surprise. The sun rays invigorated all of us and we took on the adventure. The journey of the Year 7s had begun. We were divided into groups with different teachers and we all decided to start our encounter with all the wild animals.  I really enjoyed watching the Koala Bear as it was just hanging on to the tree as if nothing was happening; it was very adorable.

We had lots of activities to do and believe me, that was also a lot of fun. From singing songs to completing the activity sheet, we all worked in a group and learnt a lot. Our group also took a ride on the shuttle train which was painted like a Zebra. One of the members in our group put some music on and we were enjoying the ride. During our day at the zoo we observed many species of animals that we never had seen before and had debates about the adaptations of these new animals. We learnt new facts about habitats, breeding, conservation and feeding relationships by reading the information provided about the animals.

This trip was not only good ,it was great. We also could buy some souvenirs to remind us about our visit to the Zoo. The visit to Taipei Zoo was awesome and this experience will be remembered by all of the Year 7 students.

Aditya Menon, Year 7 Student


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