H1s Prepare for the “World of Work”

During the week of 23-27 April, TES H1 students were out on Work Experience, and what a week it was!

The UCC department lead the project to help prepare the students for their time in the community. The lead up to this project was an intensive process of students reaching out to companies and individuals in the Taipei community and requesting if they could intern for one week. While many students were lucky in that they had connections through friends or family to help with their placements, others found placements through their own perseverance.

The week saw 80 students experiencing an extremely wide variety of occupations between them. We had students working at 7/11s and OK Marts, primary schools, radio and tv companies, medical practices, styrofoam factories, phone companies, banks, aviation centres, insurance companies, art centres and at multiple chamber of commerces.

By the end of the week, there were a number of students who were keen to stay at their work placement and learn more. The supervisors of all of our TES students only had glowing reports and most said they would be sad to see them go. Students will be able to take the skills they learned and develop them further throughout their time at TES. Hopefully the students will also look at this experience as one way to help shape their tertiary options.

Many thanks to all of those in the community that made it possible, as well as the UCC team, the ESC Secretaries for arranging the visits, and the staff who went out to visit with the students.



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