Spanish Club – Spanish Lessons for TES Staff…Run by Students

I decided to start this ECA as a way to offer some of my Spanish students the possibility to revise their Spanish in a more creative and challenging way. We opened two classes that took place once a week during lunch time:

  • Spanish Beginner Class: This was run by the committed H1 students Ishaan Hiranandani and Zofia Gaca. They taught the following staff: Mrs. Lin, Ms. Juan, Ms. Hsieh, Ms. Rouhaud and Mrs. Tsai.
  • Spanish Advanced Class: Run by the H2 students Kevin Chen and Charlene Chiu. They taught Mr. Penicaud, Ms. Gaudin, Ms. Hoddinott and Mr. Wright.

I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all these members of staff for their participation and high interest in the lessons run by our incredible students. This ECA could not have happened without them!

On the other side, our students Ishaan, Zofia, Kevin and Charlene did all an amazing job and I feel proud of their hard work and commitment. Every week they arrived ready to their CCA showing high enthusiasm for teaching our staff. They were patient and used different methods and strategies to adapt to the level of their ¨students¨. They also showed an excellent use of Spanish and they hardly needed my help while teaching. Well done all!

Unfortunately, lessons will have to stop for our advanced group, as Kevin and Zofia need to prepare for their coming IGCSE examinations, but the beginner class is ready to continue this term… ¡Muy bien!


Feedback from students and teachers:

Staff Spanish Classes – An Experience

From January to March of 2018, Ms. Saez Ramos held student-led staff Spanish classes for the first time in TES history. Myself and Charlene Chiu taught the advanced class: a group of passionate teachers with various experiences in Spanish. To teach Spanish, as a beginner, to members of staff – 2 months ago, it seemed incredibly intimidating. Fortunately, an interesting and inquisitive first lesson soon proved that my uneasy feeling was unfounded. Revising past tense grammar on a Tuesday lunchtime became something I genuinely looked forward to each week. Despite being in a simple question-and-answer format, all of the teachers attended each lesson with zest. The teachers were of different subjects and sections, but nevertheless striked up brilliant conversations (yes, in Spanish!) Throughout the process, Ms.Saez always provided guidance, whether by resolving questions in class or providing teaching material for us to prepare for the next week. The preterite tense was the main focus for the past 2 months, but the weather, daily routines and many other topics that showed up in our conversations were also covered. As the sessions conclude in time for Charlene and I to prepare for our IGCSE examinations, I couldn’t help but hope this project would be resumed next year. For me, the experience to take on a teaching role was invaluable, and I’d like to give my gratitude to Charlene, Ms.Saez and all the “students” that made it possible. Muchas gracias!

Kevin Chen


“It was fun for me to be a student again and the “students” became my teachers! They did a good job and I really enjoyed it! Muchas gracias!”

Ms. Hsieh, Sr. Laboratory Technician


¨I had a great time learning Spanish with Zofia and Ishaan; we gave them a hard time as an additional challenge because they were doing so well! They handled everything with much patience and persistence. I was very impressed with their focused, engaged attitude¨ 

Ms. Rouhaud , Library Assistant at ESC


¨The atmosphere with the students in the classroom was relaxed and productive. They had a solid understanding of verb congregation and were able to express this in a clear and simple format ¡Un trabajo bien hecho!¨

Mr. Wright, Teacher of Psychology at ESC


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