H1 Service Project – Animals Taiwan

While stray dogs are nearly non-existent in the urban areas of Taipei, in mountain trails such as those in Yangmingshan, the number of strays is quite a severe issue. These stray dogs often threaten and drive away runners from popular running trails and sometimes even run around busy streets, resulting in car/motorbike accidents. Though the Read more about H1 Service Project – Animals Taiwan[…]

Congratulations to Our Graduates of 2018

Last Saturday 68 students from the British Secondary and High School Section graduated in what was our 15th IB Graduation ceremony. The event took place in the Chinese Cultural University auditorium on the eighth floor overlooking the city. It was a wonderful evening with speeches, music and of course the presentation of the High School Read more about Congratulations to Our Graduates of 2018[…]

Cultural Awareness in Year 7 English Lessons

Year 7 students are currently engaged in an exciting final project for English class that focuses on the theme of cultural awareness. For this project, students are looking at the meanings of cultural awareness, how to become more aware of our own and other cultures, and the benefits of gaining a deeper understanding of the Read more about Cultural Awareness in Year 7 English Lessons[…]

Year 9 Articul8 their Ideas…Brilliantly

This week has seen Year 9 enage in their Articul8 Project. This cross-curricular integrated project allows them to explore a topic of their choosing that crosses at least two subject areas. Today was the culmination of their efforts as they presented their annotated bibliographies, planning documents, infographics and their 15-20 minute long presentations. The presentations Read more about Year 9 Articul8 their Ideas…Brilliantly[…]

ESCPA Votes Are In!

Last week the ESCPA (European Secondary Campus Parent Association) held a vote for next year’s Association Officers. Congratulations to the successful candidates. Here are the Association Officer posts: Chairperson: Sunny Foehr-Huang Vice Chairperson: Karen Benat Secretary: Betty Lieu Treasurer: Susan Lee Activities Co-ordinators: Michael Fontaine and Mia Lange Head of Cafeteria Committee: Lilian Koe-Wong Committee Members: Read more about ESCPA Votes Are In![…]

Enrichment Masterclass – “Know When to Hold ’em”.

This Week’s Masterclass was based on the ethics of companies setting their own rules.  How do they decide which customers they do and do not serve and how is this governed by law? An interesting take came from a number of boys in the Enrichment Group (comprised of students from Year 9 to H2) who looked into Read more about Enrichment Masterclass – “Know When to Hold ’em”.[…]

Y8 English Project- Internationalism and Globalisation

During English lessons in the last four weeks of the summer term, Year 8 students have been and will be engaging with concepts related to globalisation. After an introductory talk on the nature of globalisation, each class has experienced a carousel of lessons on the topics of mass migration, ethical consumerism, modern slavery and internationalism. Read more about Y8 English Project- Internationalism and Globalisation[…]

KS3 ICT = “Computing”

ICT stands for Information and Communications Technology. Due to the nature of the KS3 program and the recent curriculum adjustments we have made regarding syllabus content, we have decided upon the necessity for a name change for this subject.  We have decided to cut this rather wordy subject name back down to simply Computing. This will Read more about KS3 ICT = “Computing”[…]

Top 10 in the World! News from the Computer Science/ICT Department

Results are out from Oxford regarding the recent Computer Science competition. Our H2 student Kevin Chen has attained a top ten result …out of all the students in the World! As a result, Kevin has been invited to participate in The Oxford Mentoring Program where students will receive online support and tutoring. Furthermore, there will be an Read more about Top 10 in the World! News from the Computer Science/ICT Department[…]

Model Students in Science

Year 8 students have been bringing more of the Earth’s power into the classroom recently. Having visited the rock formations at Yehliu Geopark earlier this week, many Year 8 students have been building their own model volcanos out of plastic bottles, newspaper and paper mache. The intention is to set-up a model volcano to be Read more about Model Students in Science[…]

H2 World Literature Revision

H2 World Literature students received guidance on the Paper 3 text A Doll’s House on Friday morning, before entering the MPR to sit this critical examination. Through the morning Dr Matthews ran a revision session and after afterwards Mr Booth and Mr Kenny gave some helpful guidance on structuring the extract and essay responses on the text. Read more about H2 World Literature Revision[…]

“Down To Business” for IGCSE Students in Revision

The students in H2 might be officially on study leave, but that hasn’t meant any rest for their teachers! Revision lessons have been planned around the examinations for those students who want to spend their time in school working more closely with their teachers. The sessions have proven to be very popular and it’s great Read more about “Down To Business” for IGCSE Students in Revision[…]

Articul8 from The ASPIRE Team

The ASPIRE team attended several Articul8 sessions this week to support our Year 9 students.  Whilst having no prior understanding of Theory of Knowledge, we were all impressed with the level of critical thinking and understanding that the students formulated throughout these sessions. They eloquently grasped the ability to develop a Knowledge Question from a Read more about Articul8 from The ASPIRE Team[…]

The Amazing Yehliu Geopark Quest

Year 8 visited Yehliu Geopark on Tuesday 22nd May to enrich their Science and Geography curriculum. The students worked in small teams to complete a series of activities to learn about the coastal processes and types of weathering which have occurred to form the unique landscape observed. With the use of Google Maps they also Read more about The Amazing Yehliu Geopark Quest[…]