The ESCPA Bids Farewell to the Friends and the Academic Year

The ESCPA had officially entered the summer vacation after our very last meeting last week. We had to say good-bye to many wonderful parents whose children are leaving school soon: This was very sad for us. But, looking on the positive side of things, 32 parents came to our Appreciation Lunch for our volunteers. This Read more about The ESCPA Bids Farewell to the Friends and the Academic Year[…]

KS3 Graphic Poetry Pieces in Chinese

Dragon Boat Festival is also known as the Poet Day: The Chinese KS3 students are celebrating the festival by producing graphic poetry pieces in response to stimulus presented to them. The following students were awarded the following prizes for their creative and literary work. Year 9 First place: Ethan YANG & Silvia FANG Second place:Ashley Read more about KS3 Graphic Poetry Pieces in Chinese[…]

Exploring a Mexican View on Death in MFL

The famous Mexican author, Octavio Paz wrote, ‘The Mexican…is familiar with death. [He] jokes about it, caresses it, sleeps with it, celebrates it. It is one of his favourite toys and his most steadfast love.’ While the Year 9 Spanish students initially found this quote rather creepy, recently they were able to explore and better Read more about Exploring a Mexican View on Death in MFL[…]

Practical Science Skills as Year 9 Prepare for IGCSE

During the last few weeks Year 9 have been refining their practical laboratory techniques and learning essential skills which they will require for IGCSE Science commencing in H1 next academic year. The students have learnt how to test food types for protein, fat, carbohydrates and sugar. They did this by setting food alight and calculating Read more about Practical Science Skills as Year 9 Prepare for IGCSE[…]

H1 Problem Solving

It may be last day, but these students are still working. After a week of working on mathematical art on Desmos and wrapping up two units simultaneously, the last two mathematics classes were spent connecting those two units and interesting maths puzzles. Students showed creativity, logic, patience and obviously subject skills, as well as their Read more about H1 Problem Solving[…]

End of Year Message: From Sonya Papps, Head of British Secondary and High School Section

As another school year comes to an end I find myself full of gratitude. Even though we have experienced some tumult, this has been a successful year for the British Secondary and High School in many ways. It has been a joy to watch our students learn, grow and flourish. There is great strength within Read more about End of Year Message: From Sonya Papps, Head of British Secondary and High School Section[…]

Y7 Chinese Foreign Language class

The Year 7 Chinese Foreign Language class has corresponded with Ming Quan(民權)Elementary School. The Year 7 students applied their linguistic skills in Chinese and wrote to their peers in Kaohsiung.  They have introduced themselves, TES, and the city they live in. They were thrilled when they received the real letters addressed personally to them from the Read more about Y7 Chinese Foreign Language class[…]

Craft Club – In Stitches

The Quilt. A project that has taken a long year to complete. Unique patches/squares made by students who casually eat lunch, enjoy good company and sew as part of a balanced day. Contributions by: Sine Chang, Maxine Lee, Khyati Zaveri, Molly Di Renzo, Yuko Nogawa, Anita Loh, Chloe Lin Jade Change, Yuzen Omori, Sara Hynninen, Megan Read more about Craft Club – In Stitches[…]

Electricity in the Science Department!

For the past two weeks, the Year 7 students were learning about current electricity and its applications to our daily life.  They learnt how different electrical components are assembled together to make objects move. They applied the concepts of series and parallel circuits to build electricity games. Examples of the games they created were buzz Read more about Electricity in the Science Department![…]

H3 CAS Local Community Project

Last week was ‘CAS Week’ (4th – 8th June) and as well as the long-establish TABITHA Cambodia overseas service project that half of the H3 students worked on, it was the culmination of the various ‘local service’ projects that thirty-three of our H3 students had been working on and planning since last October. This Local Read more about H3 CAS Local Community Project[…]

Year 7, 8 and 9 Summer Reading Challenges

Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 have been set activities for the summer vacation, all of which are to do with reading. We want to encourage positive reading habits as part of our drive to improve literacy! Good literacy skills – the ability to communicate effectively in English, both in writing and in speaking – will be Read more about Year 7, 8 and 9 Summer Reading Challenges[…]

Rice Dumpling Making

To celebrate the approaching Dragon Boat Festival on the 18th of June our Year 7 students created Rice Dumplings during their Chinese Language and Culture lessons this week. Students worked at various “stations” to produce the their delicacies. It was great to see students not only developing their cultural culinary knowledge, but also using the Read more about Rice Dumpling Making[…]