Year 7, 8 and 9 Summer Reading Challenges

Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 have been set activities for the summer vacation, all of which are to do with reading. We want to encourage positive reading habits as part of our drive to improve literacy! Good literacy skills – the ability to communicate effectively in English, both in writing and in speaking – will be essential to the students’ academic success. For this reason, we have challenged our students to read more! The students have been asked to read as much possible, choosing literature that interests/excites them. They have been asked to document their reading in different formats (e.g. selfies, poems, raps, vlogs), collecting points as they go. There will be prizes for the students who collect the most points.

Year 9 students have also been asked to complete an additional ‘growth’ activity – something they will do to develop themselves, in preparation for beginning their IGCSE courses. This does not need to be subject-related, but something they can to do to develop their own personal interests, skills or talents! We are very excited to see what they will produce!

The tasks have been launched in special assemblies with Mr. Labuschagne (Years 7 and 8) and Mr. Woodall and Mr. Lee (Year 9).

We have also asked the BSHS teachers in to join in! All of the teachers have been asked to take photos of themselves doing their own summer reading! The photos will be used to create a display in school and there will be a prize for the best photo taken in the most exciting, interesting, unusual and/or exotic location!

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