H3 CAS Local Community Project

Last week was ‘CAS Week’ (4th – 8th June) and as well as the long-establish TABITHA Cambodia overseas service project that half of the H3 students worked on, it was the culmination of the various ‘local service’ projects that thirty-three of our H3 students had been working on and planning since last October. This Local Community Project had students based around the city for four days, working alongside organisations, with the aim of meeting and spending time with members of the local community. The hope is that through the challenges and setbacks faced over the course of the project, students mature and learn about themselves, each other and people in the community they live in. This year’s organisations were:

Fun 心在臺北 – an organisation that works with children and the elderly community of Taipei, solving issues especially related to technology. Students assisted with a workshop aimed at helping elderly people use apps to better connect with their relatives and loved-ones.

Happy Gifts Social Service Association – another organisation that works to help the elderly, specifically visiting elderly people in their homes.

YangMing Hang-an Elderly Home (台北市陽明老人公寓) – students continued the great work our H3 students from last year started with the home located near the ESC. They ran craft classes, performed music from the past, but most importantly, the students spend time chatting and getting to know the residents.

The Taiwan Toy Bank – This organisation recycles and redistributes toys to socially and economically challenged communities around Northern Taiwan. In addition, it actively reaches out and interacts with elderly care homes  in some of the more rural locations of Taiwan.

Taipei School For The Visually Impaired (臺北市立啟明學校) – This is second year where our H3 students have worked with the school and this year, our students assisted with an event that was taking place during the week. The students at the school were very keen to know more about our students as much as our students wanted to know about them.

Zhuo Mama Animal Shelter –  Students were here for one day (they were working on a student ‘survival’ guide for advising our new students on settling in to life at TES and to living in Taipei as a teenager). The H3 students who visited spoke of how inspired they were by the passion and selfless dedication the founder of the shelter had towards the welfare and care of stray and unwanted animals.

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