TES Visits Geelong Grammar School

Last week myself and Mrs Bracken were at Geelong Grammar School in Victoria Australia on a Positive Education course.  Geelong Grammar opened in 1855 and has the reputation as one of the top independent schools in Australia. The grounds are spectacular and steeped in history. It is the closest I have ever come to seeing the real Hogwarts and if the walls could talk I am sure they would have amazing stories to tell.

The Institute of Positive Education at Geelong Grammar School is known as the world leader in its field, with 21 full time staff researching and training in the field of Positive Education. Geelong have been exploring the field of Pos Ed for the past 10 years and the training center is designed to share their knowledge, their journey and to educate fellow teacher in this incredibly important field.  

We had a fantastically inspiring week and are full of knowledge, ideas and excitement to further implement “Pos Ed” into life at the ESC. It has been an incredibly valuable experience and we look forward to sharing it with colleagues, students and parents next term.

In the spirit of the Year 9 GROW project I thought I would share an experience that myself and Mrs Bracken had in Australia on Wednesday evening in Australia. One of the biggest Rugby League games of the year was taking place in Melbourne. The game is known as “State of Origin” (S of O) and is played between “New South Wales” and “Queensland”. Not being a Rugby League fan I was a bit sceptical however I cannot describe what an amazing experience it was. The pre-match entertainment saw holograms on water fountains, live bands and spectacular fireworks. Then the teams were welcomed onto the field by the 87,000 fans inside the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). The crowd was the 4th biggest in S of O history. It was a wonderful atmosphere and definitely a once in a lifetime experience, one that I will never forget.

There is no doubt that the decision made to go to the game most definitely brought a totally new experience into my life and I am so grateful Mrs Bracken suggested it.We encourage the Year 9 students to take advantage of any opportunities that they have over the summer to experience new things and to share these experiences with us in their blogs in the New Year.       



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