World Scholar’s Cup 2019

For the first time TES Secondary students attended The World Scholar’s Cup in Kaohsiung on March 22nd  and 23rd. It was a wonderful experience for our students who, after weeks of hard work and preparation, went to the competition not knowing exactly what to expect or how they would perform. Going to any competition for Read more about World Scholar’s Cup 2019[…]

2019 Maths FOBISIA @ Alice Smith School, KL

Last Thursday, a small team made up of Year 7 and Year 8 students travelled to the Malaysian capital to take part in the annual FOBISIA Secondary Mathematics event. Some 32 schools were in attendance from the FOBISIA member schools, each sending two teams of four students to compete (you can work out for yourself Read more about 2019 Maths FOBISIA @ Alice Smith School, KL[…]

First Day of Year 6 Transition at the ESC

On Tuesday March 26th, the Year 6 cohort arrived at the secondary campus up in Yangmingshan probably feeling very excited and a bit nervous. Excited because they knew that they would have the opportunity to play in a mini-football tournament at the new pitch and have three “taster lessons” in French, Spanish and German. They Read more about First Day of Year 6 Transition at the ESC[…]

Silver International Award – Student Success in the Wilds of PingLin and Fulong!

This term, nine adventurous students from H2 and H3 have taken on the challenge of completing their Silver International Award. After completing the CCA training sessions on navigation, route planning, first aid and emergency procedures, camp craft and use of equipment, they completed a 3 day and two night training expedition to the PingLin area Read more about Silver International Award – Student Success in the Wilds of PingLin and Fulong![…]

Music Leader Lunchtime Concerts

The H3 Music Leaders have been hosting a series of lunchtime concerts which have run all of this week and will continue until the end of Term 2 next week. The Music Leaders have been in charge of promotion, setup and general organisation of the event which runs annually. This week has seen concerts well Read more about Music Leader Lunchtime Concerts[…]

Year 9 History Homework Menu

Year 9.2 historians were given a menu of homework options. They chose pieces they wanted to complete, below is a selection: Create an info-graphic or an annotated model of a specific battle from the war, such as Somme, Ypres, Passchendaele, Jutland, Verdun (there are many others, but these were some of the biggest) Create a Read more about Year 9 History Homework Menu[…]

Year 9 Science Fair

Year 9 students have worked hard over the last 8 weeks to complete their individual projects in preparation for the Year 9 Science Fair. Students generated their own research questions and researched suitable methods to carry out their investigations, collect results and analyse data. Today was the culmination of all of their hard work. Today, Read more about Year 9 Science Fair[…]

Publicity Work Experience For H3

Four H3 students had the final design consultation meeting today with Jessamine and Ling (TES marketing Department) to produce the poster for this year’s musical production. The students have been involved in the project from the start, talking to the director (Mrs. Bracken) about her creative vision and then working with Jessamine to learn about Read more about Publicity Work Experience For H3[…]

H4 Perform Their Solo Pieces

IB Theatre was concluded for the Higher Level H4 students this week as they performed their final Solo Piece pieces. The range of practitioners and theatre aspects explored by the class was hugely exciting and each piece was powerful, original and delivered with excellent precision and control. The list of the practitioners used for 2019 Read more about H4 Perform Their Solo Pieces[…]

ESCPA: International Food Festival

On Tuesday this week we celebrated the ESC International Food Festival at secondary campus. I believe this year was a record-breaker and 89 volunteers representing 25 different countries. For the parents, the day passes in a blur of preparing food, transportation arrangements, setting up, forgetting key ingredients, and then serving hungry but enthusiastic children, teachers, Read more about ESCPA: International Food Festival[…]

H1 Artists Declare “I Am Here”.

H1 Art students have worked thoughtfully on a mini project titled I AM HERE.  Here is the project’s “statement of intent”: I AM HERE Starting point – Yangmingshan mountain, Taipei European School, 31 Jianye Road, Taipei City, 111. TAIWAN. X As life speeds up, and the culture of immediacy threatens, it feels even more important Read more about H1 Artists Declare “I Am Here”.[…]

TES – TISSA X Country Champions

It was another great weekend of sport with the TES Titans excelling in the TISSA Cross Country Championships. It was great watching Primary and Secondary students combining to win the TISSA X Country Team Trophy. A big thank you goes to the team coach Stephanie Gaudin. All the results are as follows: Daphne –  1st Read more about TES – TISSA X Country Champions[…]

Eowyn Crisfield: The Importance of Reading

This week saw the return of Eowyn Crisfield to the British Secondary and High School. She has delivered training sessions for all of our teachers to support their planning for next year, with a particular focus on the importance of reading to enhance academic language development. Reading often and widely – in both English and the home Read more about Eowyn Crisfield: The Importance of Reading[…]

Fantastic Under 13 FOBISIA In Phuket!

It’s been an amazing week for the TES Under 13 FOBISIA Team. Members of the team have finished with an abundance of individual event medals while contributing to many great team performances. Arguably, it is the most successful Under 13 FOBISIA Games to date for TES. Highlights were, 2nd in Boys Football, 3rd in Boys Read more about Fantastic Under 13 FOBISIA In Phuket![…]

Australian Author Richard Fidler Visits the BSHS

On Monday the 18th of March students in H3 heard guest Speaker Richard Fidler discuss the topic of “Curiosity”. Richard Fidler has had a high-profile and varied career within the entertainment and literary fields. He created several TV series in Australia and the UK. He hosted the documentary TV series Race Around the World, and several Read more about Australian Author Richard Fidler Visits the BSHS[…]

Coffee and Creativity At H2 & H3 Art Exhibition

On Saturday, the Art Department held a coffee morning for the family and friends of the H2 and H3 artists! The MPR was turned into an exhibition space and the students came into school early to display their works of art, supervised by Ms Long and Mr Young. This was a wonderful event and everyone Read more about Coffee and Creativity At H2 & H3 Art Exhibition[…]

Key Stage Three Student Achievement Acknowledged

This week, students in Years 7, 8 and 9 were publicly presented with achievement certificates based on their results from the most recent set of Academic Reports. During Group Registration Assemblies, students were called to the front of their year group and presented with a certificate marking their accomplishments. Based on their performance, students in Read more about Key Stage Three Student Achievement Acknowledged[…]

ESCPA Attend Dr Leroy Chiao Evening Presentation

Ms Sunny Foehr, Chair of the European Secondary Campus Parents Association (ESCPA) attended the British Secondary and High School’s STEAM Week evening talk with Dr Leroy Chiao. Dr Chiao is a NASA Astronaut who was Commander of one of NASA’s orbital missions in the International Space Station. Please read below to read Ms Foehr’s experience Read more about ESCPA Attend Dr Leroy Chiao Evening Presentation[…]