ESCPA: Sporting Moments!

Last week, The ESCPA supported the ESC Sports Day 2019 at Taipei Arena. This is always a fantastic event on the school calendar and proves to be fun for all students, regardless of their sporting proficiency. The emphasis is on supporting your house team so everyone, parents alike, can feel part of the day.

When I think back to my own secondary sports days, I mainly remember being coerced into running up and down a rough, bumpy school field in the cold. In fact, our school field was so badly maintained that the 100m sprint felt like the cross-country with all the bumps and holes in the grass! In contrast, the facilities at Taipei Arena are fantastic and it’s a wonderful opportunity for our children to get a taste for competing in a professional atmosphere and on a great track and field.  The ESCPA helped arrange the lunchtime refreshments and sandwich orders for students and staff and sold drinks and food to parents and students who were in need of extra energy.

We at The ESCPA we are also continuing our own sporting moments with our regular post-meeting hike. This month, was the day after sports day so we opted for a short walk and took the infamous Tiannmu Old Trail or “Monkey Trail”. We were a nice big group in spite of somewhat gloomy weather and spending the entire previous day together at the stadium for Sports Day. Some of us looped back to school, whilst others continued down the steps to Tiannmu. I was delighted that we had two ESCPA members that did not know the trail and even happier to see that the monkeys were out and about enjoying the February mist.

All secondary parents are very welcome to join our regular monthly meetings at the ESC and indeed to join our regular healthy hikes. Our next events will be Carnivale on the 5th of March and the International Food Fair on the 19th of March. Please feel free to contact us on for more details or check out our monthly newsletter for more on upcoming events. Thank you for reading!

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