ESCPA: Open Meeting and Showtime!

The ESCPA held its annual Open Meeting at the European Secondary Campus on Friday 17th May 2019. During this meeting, to which secondary and year 6 parents are warmly invited, we took a look at the activities and events of the current school year, our financial situation, and then conducted elections for our Officer positions. The results of this year’s election are as follows:


Congratulations (and a big thank you) to the Officers!

At the start of the new academic school year 2019-2020, we will be holding our first Coffee Morning, primarily aimed at new secondary parents, although existing families are of course very welcome. We will be actively encouraging parents to volunteer to join the ESCPA at this meeting. We love new ideas, energy and new members. As you may have noticed above, sometimes one parent holds more than one officer position so we would love to expand our team and share the workload.

Although you need to volunteer 3 times to hold an officer position, (this can include attending our monthly meetings) anyone can be the main coordinator for an event. So if you would like to be the key contact for one of our activities, we would be absolutely delighted. You might have some ideas for our Vegetarian Lunches or enjoy bringing a touch of carnival to the school day at Mardi Gras. If something inspires you over the summer break, please don’t hesitate to bring your enthusiasm to ESCPA !

An important date on the ESCPA calendar is the School Production which traditionally runs for four nights towards the end of the school year. The ESCPA endeavours to provide refreshments before the show and during the interval on each show night. Firstly, many audience members, especially on the first two nights, are younger children so we like to make sure they are fed at some point during their night out. Secondly, we aim to raise funds which we can then use to support school projects, one of which this year was purchasing the tshirts for the cast and crew of the Joseph production.

The ESCPA also tries to follow the theme of the school show as much as possible. Joseph and The Amazing Technicoloured Dreamcoat is set in Egypt so this year we will be selling some middle-eastern foods along with our usual classic menu: hummous and pitas, multi-coloured couscous, technicoloured cakes and fresh mint tea. Hopefully, this adds a little extra to the evening of truly fantastic entertainment provided by the students and staff of TES .

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