Year 7 Core Neighbourhood Clean up

On Friday May 24th, all the Year 7s in their Core lesson either walked through the Yangmingshan village and down the Monkey trail or they walked up one of the side roads behind the European Secondary Campus. Even though the students had two different routes – they walked with the same goal in mind – to help clean up some of the litter in Yangmingshan.

As we were walking and picking up some drink boxes, plastic straws and other discarded objects, we were greeted by many of our TES neighbours along the trails or outside their front door steps. With big smiles on their faces, they gave us the big “thumbs up” sign and said thank you to all of the Year 7s who were all actively helping make the neighbourhood a better and cleaner place.

After about an hour of cleaning up the streets and trails around the secondary campus, we all met back at school where we washed our hands and got a big drink of water. But before we went inside to do this, we all stopped for a minute to look in amazement at the 20 big bags of garbage that we brought back. I think the students went home Friday afternoon with a real sense of pride knowing that they positive stewards of their community and that they really demonstrated good citizenship that afternoon.


Stefano’s Reflection – Year 7 Student

We had a fun and exciting experience in the neighborhood last week when we picked up trash from the street. Our school’s surrounding is now cleaner after our Core activity. We collected so much garbage: plastic bottles, plastic bags, cans, and pieces of paper. We had fun, we took a break from regular school work, and most important of all, we did something for the community and for the environment. Remember: The less trash you produce, the more the environment will stay green!

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