H2 into H3 Summer ‘Speak Out’ Challenge

Today is the last day of IGCSE examinations and the summer has officially begun! Congratulations to our H2 students on all of their hard work. They now have lots of time to relax and to do the things that they enjoy. However, as Mr. Stewart explained to them all in assembly this week, we don’t want them to lose all of the momentum that they have generated towards their studies. So, this summer, we want them to keep reading and to keep thinking!

Reading around their subjects and keeping up to date with current-affairs will be essential for their success in the IB Diploma Programme. Reading will also help them to discover where their interests lie and what stimulates them. This is super important as they start to think about what they might like to study at university!

The IB teachers have planned a variety of activities for them, which have been shared via email. Each of the tasks require the students to build an argument. They must choose one and then prepare a talk of between 3 and 5 minutes for the start of term, summarising the main points of their argument. The students have been asked to make a voice recording or vlog, and upload it to Google Classroom. The top 3 will all win prizes!


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