IB Biology Students Get Practical

On Thursday 16th May all of the IB Biology students departed TES campus to travel to the beautiful Xitou Forest Recreation Area to complete a 4 day residential excursion.

The students completed practical and theory work contributing towards the Ecology Topic and the Ecology and Conservation Option of their IB Biology course. This was an excellent opportunity to improve practical abilities and learn new field work skills, develop theoretical knowledge of a relevant and fascinating topic and also build teamwork and communication skills with their peers.

The activities included a classification forest sky walk high up in the pine forest canopy on the first day. During the second day students worked in groups to measure abiotic and biotic factors along a belt transect to record data to map succession and performed random sampling using quadrats to measure species richness and abundance. The third day included a visit to the river to collect water samples to be later tested in the mobile laboratory and conducting a kick sample to collect invertebrates which could be identified as indicator species. During the evening students processed and statistically analysed all collected data to form their conclusions.

The students also benefited from meeting an Entomologist Professor who has studied the biodiversity of Xitou Forest in addition to the optional night time walk to observe the creatures of the forest at night, the fireflies being the highlight.



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