KS3 String Ensemble Hit The Right Note

Being part of String Ensemble was really a breathtaking experience. It was amazing that we had the chance to perform in just KS3. After working hard for a couple of months, we were excited to find that our first show, the Gala Evening, was so near. The night was full of elegant and sprightly melodies that filled our ears, which we swayed on every beat. When the hour was up, the audience applauded, and we smiled at each other, silently congratulating our efforts. After an hour of teamwork and trust, thankfully, everything went well!

The next performance happened in the blink of an eye, it was no different – an opportunity to never be forgotten at the 2019 Graduation. We even met the original KS3 string ensemble who were graduating H4 that day. Everyone was celebrating, and we definitely felt the happiness even on the stage!

The chance to perform together has forged new bonds and new friendships.

A huge thank you to every member of staff, especially Mr Papps and Mr Costa who have wholeheartedly supported these events and invited us to join in. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Maggie and Summer (Year 8)

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