Leo9 – Year 9 Integrated Project Week Roars!

Our Year 9 students spent last week researching topics of interest to them that crossed at least three subject areas during their Integrated Project Week, Leo9. The week culminated in research presentations in which students showed their awareness of various perspectives and worldviews in response to questions such as:

How far should the benefits of stimulants be used to help humans?
To What Extent can External Factors or Internal Factors Impact an Individual’s /Group’s Performance?
To what extent do mandated punishments impact an individual’s behaviour?
To what extent can humans trust their senses?
How far is it acceptable to oppose one’s human rights for the sake of a good cause?

The students were impressive in their demonstration of the research skills, critical thinking, communication, graphic design skills and their overall ability to “project manage” such a complex task. Well done to the Year 9 Year Group.



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