Ms Papps’ End of Year Message To The Community

T0 Our Students:

Our motto this year was Everyone at their best. We challenged students and teachers to reflect on who they are when at their best, and what it could mean for each of us individually, our school, and our community if we strive to be the best version of ourselves each day. So, we started the year by exploring how to identify strengths in ourselves and in others. Most importantly, we talked a lot about our choices, the power of our own agency, and then we worked to put our strengths into action.

And at our best we were! There were moments of true excellence throughout the year, and while this yearbook celebrates many of them, there were many more still. It is my hope that every student can look back on the year gone by and feel a sense of pride about the times they were at their best.

Perhaps it was in the classroom, or on the sports pitch. Maybe it was when performing on stage, creating music or making art. It could have been writing something brilliant for PEAK, defending an MUN resolution, closing a debate, or building a robot. Some students rose to their best when things got tough. They showed kindness and a generous spirit when it would have been easier not to. They did the right thing even though it was the harder choice. They said sorry. They listened. They were a true friend.  

Yes, while certainly not always at our best, there were definitely many times when we got it right. Well done! This summer, reflect on your own achievements this year, spend an extra moment on the good things and then think about what you will aim for next.

For the students (and their parents) who are moving on to new adventures you leave with our warmest wishes. Wherever you’re going next we hope that you keep a little piece of TES in your heart and remember your time here with fondness. If you find yourself in our neighbourhood to come in for a visit – this will always be your school.

To Our Teachers:

Thank you to the teachers and support staff who have worked to make this year rich in learning both in and out of the classroom. We are very fortunate in the British Secondary and High School to have teachers who are fully committed to our students’ success, both in terms of their academic achievement and wellbeing. I want to make special mention of the eight teachers who are moving on this summer to new opportunities around the world. We wish you all the best and thank you for the work you did to help make our school a special place:

Ms. Erin Nicolls: Ms. Nicolls joined the BSHS in 2017. She is moving to a school in Kuala Lumpur where she will continue her work as a counsellor.

Mr. Edwin Kyle: Mr. Kyle joined the BSHS in 2017. He is moving with his family to a new international school posting in Thailand where he will lead the Mathematics Department.

Ms. Marilla Wiggins: Ms. Wiggins joined the BSHS in 2017. She is moving to a new international school posting in Dubai, reuniting her family to all live and work in the same country! Ms Wiggins will lead the Science Department at her next school.

Ms. Tina Kamei: Ms. Kamei joined the BSHS in 2016. She is continuing her career as an Educator in various roles in Taipei.

Ms. Silvia Ramos: Ms. Ramos joined the BSHS in 2015. She is moving with her husband to the Ivory Coast in Africa where she will take up a new post at an international IB school.

Mr. Jon Booth: Mr. Booth joined the BSHS in 2013. He is moving to Beijing for a new opportunity teaching English in an international school.

Mr. Thomas Mowbray: Mr. Mowbray joined the BSHS in 2009. He is moving along with his wife to Thailand, to take a (much deserved) break before deciding on his next adventure.

Ms. Stephanie Gaudin: Ms. Gaudin joined the BSHS in 2009 (just a few months before Mr. Mowbray!). After more than 10 years with TES she is moving back to Europe to be closer to her family. She will teach at an international IB school in Berlin.


To Our Parents:

Thank you for the support you have given your child(ren) towards their learning and successes this year. Interested, supportive and engaged parents make all the difference. I want to make special mention of the parents on the BSHS Council and the ESCPA – your commitment to the school and its continuous development is admirable and important. Thank you.

I wish everyone a relaxing and fun-filled summer break wherever in the world to which you are headed. It won’t be long before we are back at school, ready for a new year of opportunity, challenge, and learning (always).


Sonya Papps
Head of Section, British Secondary and High School


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