Year 9 Immerse Themselves in Knowledge About Taiwan’s Reefs

Last week the Year 9 students were given the chance to learn from experts when Assistant Professor of Marine Biology at NTU Vianney Denis and  PhD candidate from Academia Sinica Lauriane RibasDeulofeu came to talk to them about Taiwan’s Coral Reefs, a topic currently being studied during Geography lessons. 

 The talks highlighted both the amazing diversity and uniqueness of the reefs surrounding this beautiful island as well the threats they face from climate change and human activities. The passion for the subject and their hopes that people can change their behavior to have a positive influence on the reef was both interesting and inspiring. Overall it will help to  ensure more people are able to be aware of the impact their actions when choosing what to eat, where to holiday and how to interact with the reef when in the oceans to minimise the damage done. 

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