Sports Leaders 2019-2020

Congratulations to the seven new Sports Leaders for the 2019/20 academic year. They are looking forward to the year ahead and leading the TES Titans. Here is some information about their sporting backgrounds, passions and heroes. 

Hello, my name is Angela and I am in H3. Volleyball has always been my favorite sport, the player that I look up to is Ivan Zaytsev.  As the vice captain for the Girls Varsity Volleyball team, I think teamwork is the most important element in a team. In order for a team to successfully achieve teamwork, communication is also very important. I consider myself as an amiable person which means I have the patience to teach younger athletes. I am looking forward to this year’s sports teams.  

Hi, my name is Nicholas. I have been participating in TISSA sports since Year 7. Although I am a member of several sports teams, I enjoy playing basketball the most and my favorite player is Kobe Bryant. As one of the co-captains of the Varsity Basketball team, I think leadership is an important character trait to have as both a player and a team member because it allows us to communicate, make decisions and co-operate with each other. I really look forward to being one of the Sports Leaders and working with the Titans this year.

Hi my name is Sofia and I am 17 years old and I love doing sports. I have always participated in Dance and Football CCAs since Year 5 and also joined several dance competitions where we once came second in the whole of Taiwan. My favourite sport is dance. The player I look up to is Roger Federer, who plays tennis. I think that a character trait a person needs when participating in a team sport is communication, because you need to be able to communicate and talk to the players in you team.

My name is Arsalan and I have been playing sports since I was 4. My favorite sport is basketball, and I have developed an interest for volleyball recently. I have played for many of our teams and currently, I am in the volleyball and basketball Varsity teams. The player that I look up to the most is Lebron James because of his commitment to always improving. 

Hi, My name is Evelyn and my favorite sport is football. The player I look up to the most is Alex Morgan, who is a forward for team USA. I’ve been participating in sports since I joined TES, and it’s been one of the highlights of my experiences here.  In my opinion, teamwork is the most important trait to succeed in a sport like football, as it requires good communication between teammates in order to effectively pass and defend.

I am an H3 student and I love playing sports, especially football and basketball. I play for both Varsity teams and am looking forward to participate in the overseas tournaments. What I love the most about playing sports is the aspect of continuous learning; I want to be a better player than I was the day before. 

Contrary to a lot of the others, my favorite sport is one we do not play at school. I love cricket. My favorite player is Ben Stokes and through watching him I have learnt resilience, and perseverance. During the T20 World Cup in 2016 he was tasked with finishing off the game for England, arguably being their best bowler. He “choked”and got hit for 4 consecutive sixes (a rare feat in cricket). Many thought that he would never recover from that disappointment. Yet 3 years later, in one of the greatest finishes to a World Cup, he brought his team back from a position of certain loss and almost single-handedly won them the game. Throughout those 3 years, his tenure as an English cricketer was mired in controversy, but regardless of the state he was in, or what was going around him, or even what the papers had to say about him, he kept on going. Put his head down and put in the hours, becoming the best he could be. In the end it all paid off, and he will go down as one of the best to have ever graced the game. I have a lot of respect and admiration for him and I would love to emulate his character traits within myself. I hope to bring these to the sports leadership team this year.


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