Unplug To Connect – Assistant Head, Mr James Woodall

With the holidays upon us it is a fantastic time for us to really connect with family and friends. Holidays present a time for great discussions, to be active, and develop real connections. It’s Time to sit and talk as a family, to share experiences and challenges, and give well-deserved time to your personal and Read more about Unplug To Connect – Assistant Head, Mr James Woodall[…]

TISSA Tennis Tournament 2019/20

On the 5th of October, students from international schools across Taiwan came up Yangmingshan to compete in our first annual TISSA Tennis Varsity Tournament. This event attracted many fans and supporters.  The “special guest” of the event was professional Taiwanese tennis player, Hsieh Su-Wei, who has achieved many things and is most well-known for her career-high Read more about TISSA Tennis Tournament 2019/20[…]

Craft Club Students Continue to Calmly Create

These busy students are enjoying each others’ company during lunchtime while collaborating to make a “club quilt”. This Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) is run by two H3 students who have been in Craft Club since they were in Year 8. As Phase 1 gradually gets filled with the Craft Club’s creations on display, students are also Read more about Craft Club Students Continue to Calmly Create[…]

Computing Guest Speaker: “Creating Users, Not Addicts”

On Thursday this week a combined audience of H3 and H4 ITGS students, along with some other interested students, attended a talk given by Jeremy Cherry, a designer based in the US who has presented at conferences on the topic of ethical design. He spoke compellingly about the role of technology in fostering feelings of Read more about Computing Guest Speaker: “Creating Users, Not Addicts”[…]

H3 Art Students Ask “Content or Form?”

The H3 students have been intensively addressing and exploring the interconnectedness and relationship of content and form with regard to their identity and self portraiture.  This is neatly feeding in to an “Artist Book” unit of work where the book format (not necessarily a conventional format) acts as a metaphor for the body. This project Read more about H3 Art Students Ask “Content or Form?”[…]

H2 English Students Creatively Revise

This week in English, H2 students have been taking a creative approach to exam preparation. They have been using their close analysis of the text to sketch out the set of the play they are studying for World Literature. The students have supported their sketches with quotations from the text and they are critically thinking Read more about H2 English Students Creatively Revise[…]

H3 Art – Exhibition and Response

The IB H3 students task was called Exhibition and Response. Students visited the Taipei Fine Arts Museum to explore and respond to the work of a local Taiwanese Artist. Tang Jo-Hung explores multi-media processes which incorporate layers of textural paint and expressive mark making.  His exhibition spanned 60 years of life and provided a superb stimulus Read more about H3 Art – Exhibition and Response[…]

CLC Students Prepare For Award-Winning Author Visit

In preparation for the visit to the British Secondary and High School of Mr Liu Ko Hsiang (劉克襄), a highly-regarded award-winning Chinese author, our Chief Librarian Ms Chen conducted preparation lesson for all Year 7 and 8 students. These activities were focused on developing an appreciation of Mr Liu Ko Hsiang’s narrative and preparing students for Read more about CLC Students Prepare For Award-Winning Author Visit[…]

Halloween Hats for 2019

It is that time of year again, as our H1 students use maths to make Halloween themed hats for Year 1 students. Students started with calculating angles and radii of the hats from the circumference and height specifications of each Year 1 student. Then they got creative doing some crafts. Our H1 students will be Read more about Halloween Hats for 2019[…]

Mental Health Campaigner Natasha Devon Interviewed by TES Students

For five days in September we talked a lot about our mental health. While not the first time we’d opened these conversations (visitor Dick Moore got us started last year), it was the longest stretch of focused learning and discussion we’ve ever had. The experience was eye opening for many. We were fortunate to have Read more about Mental Health Campaigner Natasha Devon Interviewed by TES Students[…]

Dr Christian Haessler Visits Taipei European School

Dr Christian Haessler, the Global Head of Sustainability at Covestro, visited Taipei European School on Friday 4th October. Four IBDP students provided a short introduction in which they explained what they wanted to see in cities of the future. Dr Christian Haessler then gave a talk explaining what Covestro were doing to make these “cities Read more about Dr Christian Haessler Visits Taipei European School[…]

‘The Traveling Birder’ Visits at ESC on Monday 4th November

Mr. Liu Ko Hsiang (劉克襄), a highly-regarded award-winning Chinese author who is well known for his publications on nature and ecology will be visiting the European secondary Campus on Monday 4th November. He will conduct two workshops (in Chinese) for students in Years 7 and 8. He will talk to them about his interesting and Read more about ‘The Traveling Birder’ Visits at ESC on Monday 4th November[…]

Positive Education For H3

As we delve into the Core ‘Grow’ Programme in H3, students have been exploring the importance of Positive Relationships on their wellbeing. In Core lessons this week, we have discussed and evaluated the following: What are the 3 key ingredients to positive and healthy relationships Why we need to understand our own expectations of relationships to learn Read more about Positive Education For H3[…]

Netiwit Chotiphatphaisal – Student Interview

Netiwit Chotiphatphaisal is a 23 year old Thai human rights activist. He first gained international recognition as a sophomore in university when he, and seven other students, walked out of the initiation ceremony for freshmen at Chulalongkorn University. The initiation ceremony was where students would prostrate to a statue of King Chulalongkorn to pledge allegiance. Read more about Netiwit Chotiphatphaisal – Student Interview[…]