Unplug To Connect – Assistant Head, Mr James Woodall

With the holidays upon us it is a fantastic time for us to really connect with family and friends. Holidays present a time for great discussions, to be active, and develop real connections. It’s Time to sit and talk as a family, to share experiences and challenges, and give well-deserved time to your personal and family wellbeing.

There is one huge hurdle that can get in the way of this – technology.
How many times do you think you are connected, yet another person is looking at a device and not truly giving you time?
How many times are conversations interrupted with the “ping” of a phone and that connection is lost? Unfortunately the scene below is rapidly becoming the norm and true connections are not being made or are being lost. 

So the challenge I give to you as a family this holiday, and is not an easy one, is to truly unplug and connect. I am asking for 24 hours of your time. 24 hours when phones and devices are put away and you survive without them. As I said this is “not easy“, it is in fact a “challenge”. 

This idea comes from the World Character Day website. It was a world-wide initiative and the short movies below should give you all the motivation needed to try this with your family during this holiday period.

Dear Parent – https://www.letitripple.org/character-day/parent/

Dear Student – https://www.letitripple.org/character-day/student/

Please take a few minutes to watch these movies and truly invest in a “24 hour challenge”. If you manage to do it, or try and fail please let me know about your experiences: This is something that needs to become a focus for us as a school, but also for the wider community. We need to offer opportunities for our students and children to CONNECT.


James Woodall
Assistant Head – Student Wellbeing

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