Alumni At FOBISIA – 18 Years on!

18 Years ago a Year 8 student called Jyana went to the FOBISIA games in Kuala Lumpur representing what was then known as Taipei British School (TBS). Her PE teacher just happened to be a young Mr James Woodall in his first year at TES fresh from the UK. 

This was back when the games were all held at the same time with Under 13, Under 15 and Under 18 all in one location. There were close to 1000 students from the FOBISIA region competing at once and also included the sport of netball. Jyana still has her participation T-Shirt from that trip and her netball skirt as she remembers the experience so fondly.

On Tuesday Jyana turned up at the football tournament at the Under 15 games to support her sister Julia (Year 9) in Phuket. Below is a selfie taken by Jyana at the end of the day. My Woodall looks like he has grown a few grey hairs over the past 18 years!! He felt particularly old when Jyana told him that she is now 31 years old. “Oh my goodness, how did that happen” were his words.

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