House Stair Climb Competition

Today’s House Competition brought out the best in our students!
The House Stair Climb Competition involved almost every member of each house having to run up four flights of stairs in Phase 2 as many times as possible in 15 minutes. The students were set off three at a time and the next batch of runners was released when the first competitors reached the top. All of the students were encouraged to run and as the time ticked by, they could run a second, third, fourth, fifth and even, sixth time, with all ascents adding to the tally for the house and the overall score.
With a number of categories, including best amount of house support, best-decorated stairwell, most amount of house t-shirts worn on the day and an additional photography competition to go with it, the results are yet to be finalised, but it was clear that everyone had a good time. The houses were in great spirits with the House Captains leading by example.
Thanks to the House Captains for organising their teams, as well as doing the decorating. Thanks also to the teachers who counted, started, directed and ensured that we came away with spirits and bodies in tact.
The results will be released in the next house assembly.


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