“My Last FOBISIA” Student Reflection

At the conclusion of this week’s Under 15 FOBISIA in Phuket, H1 students Felicia and Sonya penned the following reflection:

“The strength of  a wolf comes from its pack and the strength from the pack comes from the wolves”
Many of us have gone to FOBISIA many times over the past 6 years and this is the year we “graduate”from our FOBISIA experience. 

FOBISIA has always been the highlight of our reality; A place where we can release stress. FOBISIA has made us understand how important teamwork is and how sports really bond people together. In the past six years, we’ve created many precious memories that we would cherish forever. Every game is challenging but as team we battle and we support one another. We are most grateful for all of our coaches for organising this trip every year and we want to thank them for putting their time, effort and patience into training sessions. In every game we gave 100% and that’s what makes us the top team in our heart. 

During basketball, after we lost the third place play-off  every player started to get tearful. Even though we were emotional, this feeling was mixed with happiness because we played so well as a team and had improved since the first day of training. Although for football we got sixth place but this was one of our best performances; The bruises and scars represented our hard work and how we persevered through all the toughest  games.  

We’ve learnt that no matter if we experience victory or defeat, at end of the day we’re a team. We fight, we conquer, we succeed and we will always get better as a team.

Written by Felicia & Sonya
H1 Students

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