Mock Examination Preparation

In the coming months our Mock Examinations begin for our H2 and H4 students. In the British Secondary and High School, our work with H2 and H4 students centres around how they prepare for their examinations. The easiest question to ask, and perhaps the hardest to answer for our students is “How are you revising?”. Read more about Mock Examination Preparation[…]

H3 Group 4 Project Begins

Our H3 students began their Group 4 (Science) Sustainability Project this week. The Group 4  Project is an essential part of the IB Diploma Programme for all students. Here is an account by H3 student Charlotte about the process: On November 26th, we were introduced to the project, having listened to the teachers explain it. Read more about H3 Group 4 Project Begins[…]

H4 Mock Examination Preparations

This year H4 Mock Examinations start on Monday 6th January and run until Friday 17th January. In order for our students to best represent their current progress they will need to effectively utilise, the weeks leading up and, the long three week Christmas holiday period. Some Strategies To Try When it comes to revising students Read more about H4 Mock Examination Preparations[…]

IGCSE and IB Headlines: 2019

We are thrilled with our 2019 IGCSE and IB results. Congratulations to our students on their commitment, perseverance and hard work. IGCSE: 95% of students achieved 5 or more A*- C grades. 53% of all grades achieved were either A* or A grades. 9 students achieved straight A*/A grades which puts them among the top performing Read more about IGCSE and IB Headlines: 2019[…]

100% Straight A*s for Three BSHS Students

Noa, Jeni and Ethan all achieved straight A* grades in their IGCSE subjects. An A* is the highest possible grade, representing exceptional performance, and so to achieve an A* in every one of their subjects is a phenomenal achievement (and impossible to beat)! We are, of course, very proud of them! However, the same can Read more about 100% Straight A*s for Three BSHS Students[…]

The International Baccalaureate May 2019 Session Examinations Have Now Ended.

Congratulations to the H4 Class of 2019 on successfully completing your IB examinations. They can take great pride in how they have conducted themselves during the examination period. Our students have been a sterling example of how to approach examinations with a positive attitude and steely determination to conquer nerves and battle self-doubt. Every student Read more about The International Baccalaureate May 2019 Session Examinations Have Now Ended.[…]

The IB Final Examinations

The IB Final Examinations began successfully last week with our Business Management students completing their Paper 1. They set a high standard in following examination procedures which all helps in the smooth running of examinations, an example for others to follow.  We wish all of our H4 students the very best with their remaining subject Read more about The IB Final Examinations[…]

H2 and H4 Last Day of Classes Processional

Friday 26th April marks the final day of classes for the Taipei European School for H2 and H4 students. This marks the start of study leave for these two cohorts of students. As is becoming tradition, the H4 and H2 students were applauded out of school by the students and staff in order to say Read more about H2 and H4 Last Day of Classes Processional[…]

H2 and H4 Receive Superhero Inspiration for Their Examinations

Several years ago, we were amused and interested by a study that revealed that students who wear a Superman shirt during an examination experience increased academic performance. While we take this information with a “grain of salt”, we have used it over the previous three years with our examination year groups to reinforce a message Read more about H2 and H4 Receive Superhero Inspiration for Their Examinations[…]

EE Process Begins For H3

As an important part of the IB Diploma programme, our H3 students have begun to choose a subject and topic for their Extended Essays (EE in IB vernacular). The H3 students have been busy holding conversations with their subject teachers (as seen the photo below) during the ‘market place’ activity and carrying out initial research Read more about EE Process Begins For H3[…]

H2 Mocks Off To A Mindful Start

H2 students recently spent a Core session learning about the benefits of mindfulness and how to incorporate it into their daily lives in order to reduce the impact of anxiety that certain situations can cause. They also looked at how mindfulness can be used to engage more with everyday experiences and interactions. Each day of Read more about H2 Mocks Off To A Mindful Start[…]

Danielle Achieves a Distinction in Grade 8 Piano

Our Year 8 student Danielle has received her results from the ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) examination board and she passed her Grade 8 Piano Exam (final level) with Distinction! The board informed us that she achieved the highest score in the entire Taipei Region and was also their youngest candidate (age 12). Read more about Danielle Achieves a Distinction in Grade 8 Piano[…]

A Note From IB Coordinator, Hamish McMillan on Academic Misconduct

A brief reminder to all students and parents that the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) has a zero tolerance for academic misconduct that is INTENTIONAL or UNINTENTIONAL. This means that a candidate has no defence if their work contains plagiarism, incorrectly referenced materials, work that has been created as the result of collusion or any other Read more about A Note From IB Coordinator, Hamish McMillan on Academic Misconduct[…]

H2 World Literature Revision

H2 World Literature students received guidance on the Paper 3 text A Doll’s House on Friday morning, before entering the MPR to sit this critical examination. Through the morning Dr Matthews ran a revision session and after afterwards Mr Booth and Mr Kenny gave some helpful guidance on structuring the extract and essay responses on the text. Read more about H2 World Literature Revision[…]

“Down To Business” for IGCSE Students in Revision

The students in H2 might be officially on study leave, but that hasn’t meant any rest for their teachers! Revision lessons have been planned around the examinations for those students who want to spend their time in school working more closely with their teachers. The sessions have proven to be very popular and it’s great Read more about “Down To Business” for IGCSE Students in Revision[…]

Power Posing for Success!

We are now well into the examination season and the H2 and H4 students are doing a great job with their industry and focus during this time. Last week, the students were given their ‘power shirts’. They could choose either the logos of Wonderwoman or Superman. From 2012, ‘Power Posing’ was introduced in many schools Read more about Power Posing for Success![…]