Mental Health Campaigner Natasha Devon Interviewed by TES Students

For five days in September we talked a lot about our mental health. While not the first time we’d opened these conversations (visitor Dick Moore got us started last year), it was the longest stretch of focused learning and discussion we’ve ever had. The experience was eye opening for many. We were fortunate to have Read more about Mental Health Campaigner Natasha Devon Interviewed by TES Students[…]

Meet Our New BSHS Teachers!

The recruitment and retention of excellent teachers is a key part of my role as Head and something I take very seriously. This year we are pleased to welcome a new cohort of outstanding colleagues from around the world. Some of them are replacing colleagues who departed at the end of last year while others Read more about Meet Our New BSHS Teachers![…]

Ms Papps’ End of Year Message To The Community

T0 Our Students: Our motto this year was Everyone at their best. We challenged students and teachers to reflect on who they are when at their best, and what it could mean for each of us individually, our school, and our community if we strive to be the best version of ourselves each day. So, Read more about Ms Papps’ End of Year Message To The Community[…]

Three Good Things

One could be forgiven for feeling nothing short of despair upon reading current news headlines. Terrorism. Corruption. Political polarization. A climate in crisis. It is easy to get caught up in the collective negativity which has almost become de rigueur, and especially so for our young people who are preparing to head out into the Read more about Three Good Things[…]

Saying Good-bye To Uniform at Key Stage Three

Last month I shared the news with parents that as of August 2019, Key Stage Three students (Years 7, 8 and 9) will no longer wear school uniform. The decision to move away from our uniform followed a three month review process. Beliefs about school uniform and its place in our school are hugely varied, Read more about Saying Good-bye To Uniform at Key Stage Three[…]

Intelligent Disobedience: Doing What’s Right

On Monday students and teachers welcomed Vanessa Berhe to school. Throughout the day we heard about the work she is doing to highlight injustices that are happening in Eritrea, her ancestral home. As she spoke about life in Eritrea, how people are forced into servitude, how the government funnels money by compromising human rights, and Read more about Intelligent Disobedience: Doing What’s Right[…]

“Let Them Sort It” : Cultivating Confidence, Independence and Resilience

During the month of September I am meeting with each teacher for a “start of year reflection”. I ask each of them the same questions, the first being: What do you want for our students? Happiness is always first on the list, but there are other aspirations too, such as knowing the feeling of success, Read more about “Let Them Sort It” : Cultivating Confidence, Independence and Resilience[…]

2018-2019 Everyone At Their Best

I am thrilled to welcome you back to the British Secondary and High School (BSHS). Wherever you spent this summer I hope you enjoyed plenty of rest, relaxation and time with your child(ren). For families just joining us, whether from the EPC, overseas or another school in Taiwan, we extend an especially warm welcome. You Read more about 2018-2019 Everyone At Their Best[…]

End of Year Message: From Sonya Papps, Head of British Secondary and High School Section

As another school year comes to an end I find myself full of gratitude. Even though we have experienced some tumult, this has been a successful year for the British Secondary and High School in many ways. It has been a joy to watch our students learn, grow and flourish. There is great strength within Read more about End of Year Message: From Sonya Papps, Head of British Secondary and High School Section[…]

Parent-Teacher “Round Table” Event

Following on from the screening of the documentary Screenagers, the British Secondary and High School hosted its first Parent-Teacher Round-Table event. The evening featured lots of fun activities that got everyone talking about the topic of electronic device usage amongst teenagers….and adults! The subsequent conversation and debate provided lots of points for further discussion at Read more about Parent-Teacher “Round Table” Event[…]

Generation Z: The Change Makers

A lot of criticism has been levelled at Generation Z  (those born from the mid-90s to the mid 2000s). They are often accused of being lazy, entitled and disinterested. But news headlines in recent months have challenged these stereotypes with stories of young people who are aware, engaged and wanting to make the world a Read more about Generation Z: The Change Makers[…]

Lior Gets a Perfect Score!

Ms Papps congratulating Lior on her achievement. This week Lior in Year 7 was congratulated by Ms Papps and Mr. Bellamy on getting a perfect score for her Attitude to Learning across all subject areas. We are proud of Lior’s achievement, the positive attitude she brings to our school, and how she lives our school Read more about Lior Gets a Perfect Score![…]