TISSA High School Basketball and Sports Awards Information 2019/20

Season 2 of the sporting year ended this past weekend with our senior school athletes competing in the TISSA Basketball tournaments. Our teams put in solid performances and produced some pleasing results. A huge thank you goes to all the coaches for their hard work during the season. Seasons 2 Results: JV Girls Basketball @DIS Read more about TISSA High School Basketball and Sports Awards Information 2019/20[…]

Dewi Hughes Vocal Coach Visit to the BSHS

On Monday and Tuesday of this week our students in Year 7, H1 and H2 had the experience of working with a professional voice coach to assist them in their studies. English and Drama students participated in workshops that were designed to increase confidence in terms of verbal communication. Additionally, our H2 students worked with Read more about Dewi Hughes Vocal Coach Visit to the BSHS[…]

Pop Idol 2020

Pop Idol is back again for 2020! The event takes place on Friday the 14th of February from 7PM to 9PM at the European Secondary Campus.  As usual, students will perform musical  numbers of their choice after a gruelling audition process. We’re sure you’ll love the charisma, sonorous notes and talent on display! Food and Read more about Pop Idol 2020[…]

Australian Bushfire Relief Lunch Sales Continue

On Thursday, our student leaders ran another Australian-themed lunch sale fundraiser to support those affected by the bushfires in Australia. Students served the traditional Australian gastronomic treat of “Sausage Sizzles” straight from the BBQ hot plate to the TES student body. To date, our students have raised over NT15,000 to support the Australian Red Cross Read more about Australian Bushfire Relief Lunch Sales Continue[…]

Parent Roundtable – Learning Conversations: Unpacking Reports and Parent Teacher Meetings

On Thursday of this week we held our latest Roundtable for parents. The Evening was titled BSHS Roundtable: Learning Conversations: Unpacking Reports and Parent Teacher Meetings. The evening afforded an opportunity to unpack some of the assumptions and purposes of reports and parent-teacher meetings. Parents also had an opportunity to feedback on the current format of Read more about Parent Roundtable – Learning Conversations: Unpacking Reports and Parent Teacher Meetings[…]

H3 Biologists Explore Electrophoresis

Mr Moran’s IB Biology class have been carrying out electrophoresis during their lessons this week. The process is used to separate strands of DNA when profiling in criminal and paternity cases. The DNA or dye travels through an agarose gel. Smaller molecules, or those more attracted to the negative terminal of the electrophoresis set up move faster. Read more about H3 Biologists Explore Electrophoresis[…]

H3 Leaders Support Relief for Australian Bushfire Crisis

As many members of our community may know, Australia has experienced an unprecedented and ferocious “bushfire season” this year. To date, 24 people have lost their lives and 12 million acres of wilderness have been destroyed. Currently biologists estimate that 30 species of animals have become extinct and in total one billion animals have perished Read more about H3 Leaders Support Relief for Australian Bushfire Crisis[…]

Students Educate Audience at the Community Services Centre

On Thursday, three H1 students – Evelyn, Felicia and Darren – went to a coffee morning at the Community Services Center in Tianmu to talk about their family traditions during the Chinese New Year holiday. They each gave an insightful and personal view of their experiences, as well as sharing some unique facts about this Read more about Students Educate Audience at the Community Services Centre[…]

Mark Hill Physical Theatre Cross-Curricular Sessions

Our students recently worked with physical theatre practitioner Mark Hill on cross-curricular sessions that focused on collaborating across Creative Arts subjects. The focus of the sessions was to encourage students to find new perspectives to inspire their creativity by using skills from other Creative Arts subjects. Here are two student reflections on the process and Read more about Mark Hill Physical Theatre Cross-Curricular Sessions[…]

Drug and Alcohol Education

We are very excited to welcome the Alcohol and Other Drugs Educational Consultancy (ADEC) to school next month. They are a leading drug education consultancy group from the UK. They will talk to students and parents about the topic of Drugs. All students in the school will attend talks by the two visiting experts, with Read more about Drug and Alcohol Education[…]

Robotics CCA Club Prepare for Competition

Students in the Robotics Club spent Thursday preparing for their First Lego League competition. They designed and programmed a robot to carry out a number of missions on the City Shaper course. They learned about the core values for the First Lego League: Discovery, Innovation, Impact, Inclusion, Teamwork and Fun. They will be required to Read more about Robotics CCA Club Prepare for Competition[…]

History Bee and Bowl 2019

On Sunday 8th December, seven students travelled to Kang Chiao International School for the annual History Bee and Bowl Competition. Representing Varsity level were Oliver, William and Faris, and representing Middle School level were Enzo, Grace, Jude and Cyrus. Students were asked challenging questions in a variety of formats about a wide range of world Read more about History Bee and Bowl 2019[…]

H3 Student Achieves in International Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Competition

We have at least one member of the student body who is a walking, talking, mental arithmetic genius! Yes, Angela of H3 was awarded second runner up in a recent Abacus and Mental Arithmetic competition held in Taiwan. We asked her to share her inspirational story of grit and perseverance and how she learned to Read more about H3 Student Achieves in International Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Competition[…]

THIMUN Singapore 2019

THIMUN Singapore was again a huge success for our school. Maxine from H3  has agreed to share with us her insights. Two of the topics for discussion this year were: “Terrorism While Protecting Human Rights” and “Measures to Combat Negative Health Effects Caused by Excessively Long Working Hours”. The resolutions that our committee came up Read more about THIMUN Singapore 2019[…]

Group 4 Science Project Day

The H3 Science students completed their Group 4 Project on Wednesday 11th December. The Group 4 Project involves Physics, Chemistry and Biology students working together to investigate and communicate an aspect of Science under the theme of sustainability. Students had 24 hours to select an area of research, conduct experiments, compile their findings, create presentation Read more about Group 4 Science Project Day[…]

Students in Robotics Club Prepare for the Lego League Challenge

The national First Lego League competition will take place in Kaohsiung in January. Students in the Robotics club will form a team and they are currently preparing to take part. They are constructing the City Shaper course and they are designing a robot that will carry out a number of challenges to compete with other Read more about Students in Robotics Club Prepare for the Lego League Challenge[…]

Off The Grid Speech Competition 

On Thursday, 27th February 2020, at 6pm in the Amphitheatre at the EPC, we are hosting our first ever speech competition. Students from the British Primary section and the British Secondary and High School will compete together against teachers and parents. We hope you will save the date and come to show your support for Read more about Off The Grid Speech Competition […]