Halloween Hats for 2019

It is that time of year again, as our H1 students use maths to make Halloween themed hats for Year 1 students. Students started with calculating angles and radii of the hats from the circumference and height specifications of each Year 1 student. Then they got creative doing some crafts. Our H1 students will be Read more about Halloween Hats for 2019[…]

Dr Christian Haessler Visits Taipei European School

Dr Christian Haessler, the Global Head of Sustainability at Covestro, visited Taipei European School on Friday 4th October. Four IBDP students provided a short introduction in which they explained what they wanted to see in cities of the future. Dr Christian Haessler then gave a talk explaining what Covestro were doing to make these “cities Read more about Dr Christian Haessler Visits Taipei European School[…]

Year 9 Reflection on Recycling Centre Visit for Science

Summer in wrote this reflection about this week’s Year 9 trip to the Tzu Chi Recycling Centre: Take a moment to think: Do we actually take what we have for granted? I know its a common question, but have you ever really stopped to think about it? Do we throw away things that could be Read more about Year 9 Reflection on Recycling Centre Visit for Science[…]

IB Physicists Stand Up and Stand Out at IDEERS 2019

Last Friday, September 20th and Saturday, September 21st, IB Physicists from TES once again took part in the annual IDEERS Earthquake Competition at the Taiwan National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering. This annual event brings over 500 high school and university students from around Taiwan, Asia and the world together to learn firsthand about Read more about IB Physicists Stand Up and Stand Out at IDEERS 2019[…]

Dr Christian Haessler Talk Preview

Dr Christian Haessler, the Global Head of Sustainability at Covestro will talk to the IB Diploma Program students when he visits the British Secondary and High School in October. He will discuss the importance of sustainability and how we can use new materials to develop future cities. By 2050, nearly 70% of the world’s people Read more about Dr Christian Haessler Talk Preview[…]

William’s Science Success

Over the summer break H4 Student William represented Taiwan, and achieved the feat of being awarded the Medal for the 2nd Award in the Areas of Environment, Science and Engineering at the 34th China Adolescent Science and Technology Innovation Contest in Macau. This event is the second largest science fair competition in the world and Read more about William’s Science Success[…]

H2 and H4 Maths: Back to Business!

The summer break may very well have energised our H2 and H4 students based on the amount of energy they invested in their learning this week. All the knowledge they had learned from last academic year is still relevant for this upcoming, and important, examination year. To kick off the “recall your understanding” unit, students Read more about H2 and H4 Maths: Back to Business![…]

H1 GDC Scavenger Hunt

The H1 students were introduced to their new tool for the course: a graphic display calculator through the annual GDC Scavenger Hunt. Teams of three to six members completed 15 challenges that included instructions on how to use their calculator and its many capabilities. Three teams completed all the tasks within 50 minutes. One of those Read more about H1 GDC Scavenger Hunt[…]

IB Biology Students Get Practical

On Thursday 16th May all of the IB Biology students departed TES campus to travel to the beautiful Xitou Forest Recreation Area to complete a 4 day residential excursion. The students completed practical and theory work contributing towards the Ecology Topic and the Ecology and Conservation Option of their IB Biology course. This was an Read more about IB Biology Students Get Practical[…]

Flaming Success for Year 6 Transition

The Year 6 students took part in a rotation of activities in Science this week as part of their Transition Days. They enjoyed making ‘Elephant toothpaste’, Slime, “mixing rainbows” and carrying out flame tests. The British Secondary and High School Science Department were impressed not only by the enthusiasm of the Year 6 students, but Read more about Flaming Success for Year 6 Transition[…]

Year 9 Trigonometry Breakout

This week, a selection of Year 9 Mathematics students were arithmetically stretched in a lighted-hearted, but mathematically rigorous “Break Out Challenge”. The challenges were composed of an eclectic mix of geographical skills, hidden keys, Dora the Explorer and mathematical knowledge. The teamwork and leadership skills required were impressive as students demonstrated their ability to combine their Read more about Year 9 Trigonometry Breakout[…]

Women Techmakers Scholar Program

This summer for three days from 13 July to 15 July, Google and Cobinhood are running a summer camp for female STEM students. High school females interested in Computer Science are welcome to apply. Spots are limited so please apply as soon as possible. More details can be found on their Facebook page. The summer Read more about Women Techmakers Scholar Program[…]

Year 7 Adapt Their Learning At The Zoo!

On Tuesday 23rd of April  all Year 7 students were on their annual educational visit to Taipei Zoo.   As a part of their study of the adaptations of animals in their Science lessons students visited the zoo to witness “ecology in action” and draw conclusions about the relationship between an organisms’ physical features and its Read more about Year 7 Adapt Their Learning At The Zoo![…]

Women in Data Science Conference

Last Sunday three members of British Secondary and High School staff were lucky enough to attend the Women in Data Science Conference 2019 at the National Taiwan University (NTU). Women in Data Science conferences are held around the globe on the same day as a part of Stanford University’s initiative to encourage increased participation by females Read more about Women in Data Science Conference[…]

H4 Mathematics Students “Breakout” into Revision

This week in their run-in to their IB Examinations, H4 students used BreakoutEDU to revise their learning on Vectors. Students were set a variety of lateral thinking puzzles that they had to solve in succession to progress to the next level. Their work had a ‘Where’s Waldo/Wally?’ theme to allow them to “travel around the world”as they Read more about H4 Mathematics Students “Breakout” into Revision[…]

H1s Totally Eclipse the Heart(s)

The H1 Triple Biology Science students have been learning about the structure of the heart and how the heart is controlled through the cardiac cycle. During today’s lesson the students had the exciting opportunity to dissect sheep and pig hearts to identify what they have seen on paper to a real-life situation. The students were Read more about H1s Totally Eclipse the Heart(s)[…]

2019 Maths FOBISIA @ Alice Smith School, KL

Last Thursday, a small team made up of Year 7 and Year 8 students travelled to the Malaysian capital to take part in the annual FOBISIA Secondary Mathematics event. Some 32 schools were in attendance from the FOBISIA member schools, each sending two teams of four students to compete (you can work out for yourself Read more about 2019 Maths FOBISIA @ Alice Smith School, KL[…]