H3 Biologists Explore Electrophoresis

Mr Moran’s IB Biology class have been carrying out electrophoresis during their lessons this week. The process is used to separate strands of DNA when profiling in criminal and paternity cases. The DNA or dye travels through an agarose gel. Smaller molecules, or those more attracted to the negative terminal of the electrophoresis set up move faster. Read more about H3 Biologists Explore Electrophoresis[…]

H3 Student Achieves in International Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Competition

We have at least one member of the student body who is a walking, talking, mental arithmetic genius! Yes, Angela of H3 was awarded second runner up in a recent Abacus and Mental Arithmetic competition held in Taiwan. We asked her to share her inspirational story of grit and perseverance and how she learned to Read more about H3 Student Achieves in International Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Competition[…]

Year 9 Concentric Circles

This week Year 9 students analysed Christmas songs in their Mathematics lessons. They had to use their musical knowledge of notes and create an infographic of note frequency. Students then graphically represented their findings using their knowledge of statistics and percentages. It was the right time of the year for listening to merry music while Read more about Year 9 Concentric Circles[…]

Group 4 Science Project Day

The H3 Science students completed their Group 4 Project on Wednesday 11th December. The Group 4 Project involves Physics, Chemistry and Biology students working together to investigate and communicate an aspect of Science under the theme of sustainability. Students had 24 hours to select an area of research, conduct experiments, compile their findings, create presentation Read more about Group 4 Science Project Day[…]

Students in Robotics Club Prepare for the Lego League Challenge

The national First Lego League competition will take place in Kaohsiung in January. Students in the Robotics club will form a team and they are currently preparing to take part. They are constructing the City Shaper course and they are designing a robot that will carry out a number of challenges to compete with other Read more about Students in Robotics Club Prepare for the Lego League Challenge[…]

Multiplying Mathematical Language in H3

H3 students are currently expanding their functional use of Mathematical vocabulary in their lessons. This week students competed collaboratively to apply their knowledge, to use as many mathematical key terms as possible, to hit a terminology ‘bulls-eye”. Not only did the mathematical equations have to be correct, but their sentence construction, grammar and use of Read more about Multiplying Mathematical Language in H3[…]

Year 9 Practical Mathematics: Inverse Proportionality

Year 9 Mathematics students used some kinaesthetic modelling to help develop their understanding of Inverse Proportionality this week. The students created “blobs” with multi-link cubes and timed themselves to understand the concept: as the independent variable increases, the dependent variable decreases. They extended this concept to a real world example of a cafe “breakfast shift” Read more about Year 9 Practical Mathematics: Inverse Proportionality[…]

H3 Group 4 Project Begins

Our H3 students began their Group 4 (Science) Sustainability Project this week. The Group 4  Project is an essential part of the IB Diploma Programme for all students. Here is an account by H3 student Charlotte about the process: On November 26th, we were introduced to the project, having listened to the teachers explain it. Read more about H3 Group 4 Project Begins[…]

Real Reactions in H1 Chemistry Classes

Students gained a practical understanding of key elements of their IGCSE Chemistry course this week. H1 Chemistry students carried out microscale reactions with sodium hydroxide in order to test for metal ions. The immediacy of their observations was a valuable and meaningful experience. Of course, the low environmental impact of the tiny volumes used was Read more about Real Reactions in H1 Chemistry Classes[…]

Halloween Hats For 2019

Our yearly Halloween Hats event saw our H1 students take their monstrous mathematical creations to the British Primary Section Year One students. Each hat was constructed with measurements taken from individual students and designed to certain specifications. The event ended with a “speed-mummification” challenge which saw H1s working with Year 1s to make “living mummies”.

Halloween Hats for 2019

It is that time of year again, as our H1 students use maths to make Halloween themed hats for Year 1 students. Students started with calculating angles and radii of the hats from the circumference and height specifications of each Year 1 student. Then they got creative doing some crafts. Our H1 students will be Read more about Halloween Hats for 2019[…]

Dr Christian Haessler Visits Taipei European School

Dr Christian Haessler, the Global Head of Sustainability at Covestro, visited Taipei European School on Friday 4th October. Four IBDP students provided a short introduction in which they explained what they wanted to see in cities of the future. Dr Christian Haessler then gave a talk explaining what Covestro were doing to make these “cities Read more about Dr Christian Haessler Visits Taipei European School[…]

Year 9 Reflection on Recycling Centre Visit for Science

Summer in wrote this reflection about this week’s Year 9 trip to the Tzu Chi Recycling Centre: Take a moment to think: Do we actually take what we have for granted? I know its a common question, but have you ever really stopped to think about it? Do we throw away things that could be Read more about Year 9 Reflection on Recycling Centre Visit for Science[…]

IB Physicists Stand Up and Stand Out at IDEERS 2019

Last Friday, September 20th and Saturday, September 21st, IB Physicists from TES once again took part in the annual IDEERS Earthquake Competition at the Taiwan National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering. This annual event brings over 500 high school and university students from around Taiwan, Asia and the world together to learn firsthand about Read more about IB Physicists Stand Up and Stand Out at IDEERS 2019[…]

Dr Christian Haessler Talk Preview

Dr Christian Haessler, the Global Head of Sustainability at Covestro will talk to the IB Diploma Program students when he visits the British Secondary and High School in October. He will discuss the importance of sustainability and how we can use new materials to develop future cities. By 2050, nearly 70% of the world’s people Read more about Dr Christian Haessler Talk Preview[…]