H4 Mock Examination Preparations

This year H4 Mock Examinations start on Monday 6th January and run until Friday 17th January. In order for our students to best represent their current progress they will need to effectively utilise, the weeks leading up and, the long three week Christmas holiday period. Some Strategies To Try When it comes to revising students Read more about H4 Mock Examination Preparations[…]

H1 Devised Performance Evening 2019

On Thursday, November 21st in the Hard Drama Space, H1 Drama students performed their Devised Theatre performances. In class, we began with famous and infamous character relationships whose lives change or whose lives changed us.  The actors chose different stimuli: Noah & Man – a newspaper article about a young man who ended his life Read more about H1 Devised Performance Evening 2019[…]

H2 English Exam Preparation

This week in English, H2 students have been taking a creative approach to exam preparation. They have been using their close analysis of the text to sketch out the set of the play they are studying for World Literature. The students have supported their sketches with quotations from the text and they are critically thinking Read more about H2 English Exam Preparation[…]

IB Film Students Get Practical

This week our H3 Film students employed many of the technical skills that they will require to fulfill the requirements of the IBDP Film Course. Students tried their hand at a variety of roles from scripting, directing, acting, filming, recording, lighting and editing. Students will need to demonstrate both practical and theoretical knowledge of these Read more about IB Film Students Get Practical[…]

ESC Library Book Club

Students and Parents are encouraged to take advantage of the ESC Library’s Book Club. The purchases that you make can benefit our TES school library. Please see details above or get in contact with our Chief Librarian, Ms Angela Chang: angela.chang@tes.tp.edu.tw

Around Europe in Fifty Days

H3 student Faris recently had the opportunity to complete work experience during the Summer holidays in Wales and Germany. His reflections below outline his learnings and challenges while experiencing language, culture and life within a professional setting:  Stress. Pressure. Tension. All three are words that describe the period just before and during my exams, the Read more about Around Europe in Fifty Days[…]

Academic Awards Assembly 2019

Yesterday, we gave awards to over 70 students for being the highest achievers in different subjects. Every Head of Department handed out certificates and the assembly was presented by Ms. Sung and Mr. Laureti, who are the two longest serving teachers in the school. In her address to the students, Ms. Papps said: This year Read more about Academic Awards Assembly 2019[…]

A Snapshot – Year Six’s Skills of Artistic Expression

During out Year 6 Transition Days student created collaborative display collages based on their personally selected themes. It was great to see students working with individual flair and collective teamwork while they familiarised themselves with the routines of the European Secondary Campus. We look forward to seeing more creative expression from them next year!

Year 6 Experience Day Two and Three of Transition into the British Secondary and High School

The Year 6 students came up to the European Secondary Campus  for their second and third transition days on May 28th and 29th where they actively took part in exciting “taster lessons”. As Dean of Year 7 I believe that these transition days are essential because they make the “jump” from primary to secondary as Read more about Year 6 Experience Day Two and Three of Transition into the British Secondary and High School[…]

Organising Prom – What it Takes and What it Gives

Our Student Council Prom was held last Friday, 24th of May. The night was a charming success due to the organisation and efforts of the Student Council and Head of Student Leadership Mr Graeme Mcnaught. One of the student leaders responsible for the evening was Kevin from H3. Here are his reflections on the significance Read more about Organising Prom – What it Takes and What it Gives[…]

H4 Lead Their Own Learning

H4 students for final preparation for the English A: Language and Literature examinations have been collaborating and leading on key knowledge and skills needed for improvement on both Paper 1 and Paper 2.With all Internal Assessments and Written Tasks now completed and marks banked (at least based on internal moderation), students can make those incremental Read more about H4 Lead Their Own Learning[…]

Language Learning Expert Eowyn Crisfield Visits The BSHS

This week, Eowyn Crisfield has spent three days working with teachers in the British Secondary and High School. Eowyn is an expert in language teaching and learning. She works with schools all around the world, in different contexts, and with children and young people of all ages. She’s working with us to help us improve Read more about Language Learning Expert Eowyn Crisfield Visits The BSHS[…]

Everyone At Their Best – Student Progress

From a glimpse at the British Secondary and High School Blog, one can see many instances of our students flourishing across many facets of school life. Knowing many of the students and staff featured in many of our blog articles this year, it is easy to notice the wonderful results. However, one thing that many Read more about Everyone At Their Best – Student Progress[…]

Andy Fletcher – Guest to TES

We are pleased to announce that we will host Andy Fletcher as a guest speaker at TES next week. Andy Fletcher has been here before and he always makes a significant and meaningful impact on the students who hear his Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and Science talks. He also has been very much appreciated by Read more about Andy Fletcher – Guest to TES[…]

End of Year Message: From Sonya Papps, Head of British Secondary and High School Section

As another school year comes to an end I find myself full of gratitude. Even though we have experienced some tumult, this has been a successful year for the British Secondary and High School in many ways. It has been a joy to watch our students learn, grow and flourish. There is great strength within Read more about End of Year Message: From Sonya Papps, Head of British Secondary and High School Section[…]

From the UCC: Planning and Advice

Summer Planning The weather is heating up and summer will be soon upon us. It’s a well-deserved break for students and teachers alike, and we in UCC want to make sure that students are having fun and learning something new. No matter what year students are in, there are many activities they can be doing Read more about From the UCC: Planning and Advice[…]

IT Department Guest Speaker: Elaine Chao

Before the Easter break 26 high school students assembled to listen to a guest talk from Elaine Chao. Elaine is a product manager for Adobe, a fourth-dan black belt and martial arts instructor at UC Berkeley, twice-published science fiction author and musician. She came to talk to current and prospective students on the ITGS and Read more about IT Department Guest Speaker: Elaine Chao[…]

STEM Week – with Ms Amber Gell

Last week was STEM week, wherein several STEM-related activities were held. For students it presented opportunities for a series of thought-provoking speakers. Among them was the engineer and scientist Ms Amber Gell. She was was truly inspirational as she gave insight into both the NASA Orion Project and life in the STEM world. Ms Gell Read more about STEM Week – with Ms Amber Gell[…]