The Making of #taipeirocks

During the Taipei European School Eco-assembly at the beginning of this school, we talked to the students about what an enormous issue the environment is. It is huge. Taking care of the environment is a vast task that covers so many different areas and involves so many people around the world. It would be easy to say ‘we are just children in a small school in Taipei, what difference can we make?’

However this is part of the problem that we have now. There is a great value/action gap when it comes to the environment, and the apparent size of the problem is a big cause of that. We wanted a way to show the children that a small change can make a big difference, and a simple idea can spread if it resonates with enough people. From this, the idea of Taipei Rocks was formed.

Students at Taipei European School painted these beautiful rocks as part of their eco-school project.

Kindness Rocks have really taken off in the UK and many other countries since the summer. It’s a great idea, and seeing children roaming around parks and beaches searching for these brightly coloured rocks is heartwarming. It is a simple scavenger hunt that gets children outside and interacting with nature. So we took this idea, and put our own eco-school twist on it.

All of the students in the TES French Section primary school were given a rock to decorate. They chose a green slogan – a message that they would like to see spread within our community – and then they painted their rocks to make them look attractive.


Getting students to say no to plastic straws is one of the big goals of our eco-school project.

It wasn’t easy, rocks are not the simplest canvas to work with! They began by drawing an outline in pencil of what they wanted their rock to look like. After a lot of drafting and redrafting, they began using colour when they were happy with their artwork. We used Posca pens but any non-toxic water based paint marker pens should work. 

The CP class are very concerned about the amount of trash in our oceans.


On the back of each rock is the hashtag #taipeirocks and a unique code number that identifies each rock. In mid-December, at the start of our Christmas holidays, the students are going to be taking their rocks out into the world.  You will be able to follow their adventures on a dedicated site coming soon.


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