#taipeirocks Update

Over the TES Christmas holidays, the students set many of the Taipei Rocks away on their journeys! There are still many more rocks to be released in the coming weeks too!

One of the #taipeirocks made it as far as this famous hotel in Dubai.

So far #taipeirocks have appeared in 8 different counties within Taiwan, but have also spread over 3 continents and have visited 13 different countries! The messages are being spread far and wide. But this is just the beginning…

A student hides his #taipeirocks in a park in Tienmu, Taipei.

After the students created these amazing rocks, we asked them to take them out and hide them somewhere that they could be found by someone looking for them (or just passing by). Already some of these rocks have been found and re-hidden.

As well as being fun to find, the #taipeirocks also contain important messages.

We hope that the rocks continue their journeys (near or far) by being found by rock finders like this young boy who was delighted to find a rock in Taipei recently. So if you have some time on the weekend, why not go on a #taipeirocks hunt in a park nearby? Check out the map first, but there are already quite a few rocks in the Flora Expo Park, Tianmu Sports Park and Tianmu Park.

This Taipei Rock is feeling the cold all the way across the world in Iceland!

Let’s continue to spread these messages and share the rocks around!