Person(s) Responsible
Cost/ Resources
How will it be measured?
Waste Start a recycling program in the school at a class level. ·         Start recycling paper in every classroom. Paper waste and other waste must be separated. All teachers New recycling bins need to be provided. December 2018 Eco-committees will measure the amount of paper recycled in one week in December.
Waste Reduce food waste in the canteen by 20%. ·         Students can be given smaller portions and then come back if they are still hungry and have finished everything.

·         Staff in the canteen makes sure children are not throwing most of their lunch away.

The Green Thinkers January 2019 The Green Thinkers will measure waste once a week and post results around school.
Litter Reduce litter in the school playground by 50%. ·         Mondays will be designated ‘snack wrapper free’ days. Students should bring snacks in reusable containers every Monday.

·         Extra bins placed in areas around the playground.

·         All classes to discuss litter issue at the beginning of the year and remind students where to put rubbish.

The Green Team N/A

New bin installation

December 2018 The Green Team will collect and count playground rubbish every fortnight and post results around school.
Global Citizenship TES will find two schools to work with on global projects. ·         We will make links with a school in Manchester, England to work on projects with some classes.

·         We will find a French school to partner with and work on projects.

Tri-Section Eco-Committee December 2018 N/A
Energy Reduce monthly electricity bill by 20% from previous year. ·         Set 23C as the lowest setting for air conditioners throughout the school.

·         Do not turn on lights in spaces that have enough natural lights.

·         Turn all lights/SMART boards off in rooms when not being used.

The Green Pandas February 2019

August 2018

August 2018

The Green Pandas will check the monthly electricity bill and post results around school.