Balcony Garden


In the long hot summer of 2017, the CE1 students with the help of  their teachers built a garden on a balcony space at school that was never used. 

Their goal was not only to learn about nature by growing and caring for plants, but also make a space at school that others could then go on to use and enjoy afterwards. To make it even more challenging, they tried to do as much as possible using recycled materials. They made spades and plant pots from plastic bottle, and even used old pallets to make benches.

It was difficult, and there were a few setbacks along the way. Torrential rain, typhoon winds and scorching summer temperatures took their toll on the garden, but the CE1 students preserved in the face of adversity. They completed their garden which has been continued this year by the new CE1 students. After a rough summer, the garden is now flourishing again.