Fruit Juice Friday


What is Fruit Juice Friday?

Fruit Juice Friday is our way of rewarding those students who have gone ‘over and above’, for those who have done something to help the environment, and those who has shown a keen interest in conservation. 

Every Friday, golden envelopes are distributed around the school and each one contains the name of a student who deserves a reward for their services to Planet Earth! So we invite them up to the head’s office for a celebratory snack with like-minded people.

This is also the time that we hand out the green wristbands that show a commitment to the environment. There are three levels to collect form Eco Warrior, to Eco Hero and then finally the ultimate goal of becoming an Eco Legend. 

What have we celebrated so far?

…a student who always remembers to take paper from the bin and put it in the recycling box.

…a student who suggested that instead of throwing away a broken toy, that it could be fixed and used again.

…a student who keeps their teacher on the eco-track by reminding them to run off the lights when leaving the room.

…a student who, on their own initiative, when to the beach to collect two bags of litter on the weekend!

…a student who redesigned class homework so as to not waste so much paper.

Eco-Team Levels

We want everyone to part of the eco-school effort here at TES, so anyone who does something special for the environment can be part of the team.

Level 1: Eco-Warrior

Level 2: Eco-Hero

Level 3: Eco-Legend