Eco-School in the Curriculum


The Eco-School project is not just about making the school more environmentally-friendly. It is primarily about introducing an eco-mindset to our students. It is then essential that students learn about the environment in their classes as well as through specific Eco-School events and actions. 

This page is our attempt to catalog the numerous ways environmental awareness is taught in the curriculum here at Taipei European School. All content here has been written by the students of the three school eco-committees.  

A Recycled Greenhouse – MS

10 Things I can do to Help My World – MS

Making Recycled Paper – GS

Zoo Exhibition – GS

Rain forests – CE1

Special Planting – CE1 and CM1

Plastic and Pollution – CE2

The Wonder Garden – CM1

Recycling Centre Visit – CM2

The Big Book of Living Beings – FAL

The Lorax – EAL

Xingfuliao Outdoors – CP

Camp Taiwan – CE1 and CE2