Nature Play in and around Taipei


Taipei’s own national park is a great place for children to explore. Erziping is an easy walk even for young ones, and it is a great spot to go looking for minibeasts.


Zhishanyan is another great place for insect fans. It is not too far from our school and is definitely worth a visit. (website in Chinese only)

Taipei Botanical Gardens

Although it is more famous for the flowers and plants growing there, the botanical gardens are also a great place to go bird watching.

Guandu Nature Park

VN Garden

One of our personal favourites. Located in Danshui district, this is a great spot for an adventure. Climb up the fixed ropes to a mountainside adventure playground!

Butterfly Garden

Lots more insects at this place in the mountains of Shilin. The nets course is a lot of fun for young children!

Fuyuan Ecological Park

Activities to do at home

Earth Day Activities

Some great suggestions of activities that can be done at home with even the youngest of budding eco-warriors.

Nature Play Guide

Lots of ideas and information on the importance of nature play for children.

Eco Toys Blog

A great website that sells eco toys, but also has a lot of ideas that you can use at home.


Another website with lots of interesting nature play activities.

Have more to add? We would love to hear your ideas and suggestions!

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