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Baccalauréat meeting at LFTaipei

This week, the French Section welcomed the heads from all of the French schools in the Asia-Pacific region, in order to prepare the French baccalauréat exams for 2018. We are honoured to have been chosen as the host school for this meeting, which we held in the ESC Club house (the very place where the Read more about Baccalauréat meeting at LFTaipei[…]

CSI Taipei (Classroom Special Intelligence)

I’m not going to hide the fact from you, that last year, when we recruited Carine Capel, I had the secret hope that, after 4 years, I was finally going to be in a position to manage my time and that of the school better. Wishful thinking if ever there was any; the energy and Read more about CSI Taipei (Classroom Special Intelligence)[…]

The 10 commandments for heads of school

I think I can safely say that, in the years since taking on the role of head of school, I have made every mistake known to man. I can’t honestly say I am done with making mistakes either; there are probably plenty more waiting in the wings. At the same time, and maybe as a Read more about The 10 commandments for heads of school[…]

Standardized tests in CP and 6ème

I hope this message finds you well rested after the holidays – even if they might seem, for me at least, a distant memory! This week, I would like to discuss the obligatory French and Maths assessments for CP and 6ème, which have been introduced this year by the French Ministry of Education. Standardised tests Read more about Standardized tests in CP and 6ème[…]

Qui a eu cette idée folle ep.3 – Why are social networks so important for our school?

  “Qui a eu cette idée folle?”  in English this time with my guest Andria Spring. Andria is in charge of communication at the French section and takes us through her role, her vision and her projects. She also explains why schools – and our school in particular – need to be a visible presence Read more about Qui a eu cette idée folle ep.3 – Why are social networks so important for our school?[…]