Interdisciplinary Learning

Dear parents, This week has been a short one, owing to typhoon Megi. I hope you haven’t been too affected and managed to stay dry. The school had some slight damage – fallen trees and a few shattered windows. I’d like to thank the TES maintenance department and cleaners, who worked impressively to guarantee that Read more about Interdisciplinary Learning[…]

New Curricula

Dear parents, The new curricula for CP-3ème introduced by the French Ministry of Education (MEN) for this school year 2016-2017 entail a number of institutional changes along with the changes to the teaching and learning[1]. There are two main aims beside these institutional changes. First, the desire for children to have a record of the Read more about New Curricula[…]

A French High School in Taipei

Dear parents, When I first arrived at the French Section in 2013, it quickly became clear to me that the future of the school lay in its capacity to extend beyond collège (middle school) into a lycée (high school), so that families could envisage staying with us for the long term. Following six months of Read more about A French High School in Taipei[…]

The Place of the French Language in Our Classes

Dear parents, TES French Section, just like every French school abroad, has two main missions: first, to provide an education for French children living in Taiwan, secondly to welcome a number of local children into its classrooms. To help us in our first mission, the French state provides scholarships and grants to some French families. Read more about The Place of the French Language in Our Classes[…]