School Development Project

Dear parents,

You will find a copy of the French Section‘s School Development Project 2016-2019 in your child’s school bag today. The brochure summarises the work carried out by the FS team, along with the students and families who attended the meetings organised throughout the last school year. The School Development Project is a strategic document that lays out the French Section’s main goals for the next three years, including pedagogical innovations.

Working on the project gave us the opportunity to perform a check-up on the French Section. Our diagnosis is that this is a school of incredible potential, brimming with students who want to learn and are supported by their families, with motivated and experienced teachers and assistants, working alongside dedicated and efficient administrative staff. We already have all the ingredients necessary to make this ambitious school development project a reality.

The five goals – excellence, innovation, ambition, multilingualism and care – clearly state our desire to provide our students – your children- with an educational setting that allows them to explore and reach their potential. Whether it’s by offering them a language programme unequalled in Taiwan, or by making sure that they are surrounded by the best possible teachers, or by developing their 21st century skills, we declare it loud and proud: the French Section will do everything in its power to offer our students the most complete education possible.

It should be noted that the school development project is an adaptable framework. The most effective strategies are ones that evolve; our project will have to adapt to the world around it and not work against any interesting initiatives which make themselves known in the coming months and years.

I will keep you regularly informed of advances being made in the actions outlined in the project. The brochure is itself an example of one of the actions – providing families with clear and concise information- and I see this it as an example of the transparency that exists between you, the school and I. Over the coming three years, I will act as guarantor – promising to oversee the achievement of the ambitious goals that we have set for ourselves, a position I am both proud and happy to hold.

Wishing you all an excellent break,

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